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Frederick Swift
Portrayed by Nigel Lysaght
First mentioned Broken Memories
In-story stats
Known ability Hydrokinesis (possibly synthetic) and Rapid Cell Regeneration (possibly synthetic)
Formal name Frederick Swift
Aliases F03, Agent Swift (bodyguard)
Nickname Frederick
Age 21
Date of birth August 14th, 1985
Place of birth Midland, TX
Home formerly Midland, TX; formerly New Orleans, LA; currently Odessa, TX
Residence the Swifts' house
Occupation bodyguard
Parents Thomas Swift (father), Rebecca Swift (mother)
Grandparents Tyler Swift (grandfather), Elizabeth Cals (grandmother)
Siblings Tobias "Jack" Swift (little brother), Catherine "Carrie" Swift (little sister)
Other relatives Rose Swift (aunt), John Curtis (uncle), Julien Curtis (cousin)

Character History

Broken Memories

He is mentioned in a newspaper article as "presumed dead" on November 15th, 2003.

Claire Bennet

Jack mentions him as his "presumed dead brother".

Evolved Human

Hydrokinesis: Frederick can shoot water out of his hands and on occasion, he has formed a giant hand made of water to throw people a far distance. He can also create a sphere of water that is used to temporarily stun people. Frederick has been able to manipulate a puddle of water on the sidewalk, but it made him extremely tired. This example shows that Frederick can manipulate water created by himself easily, but does not have good control over water created naturally.

Rapid Cell Regeneration: Fredrick can't die and has survived a bullet directly to the chest. It is unknown if he can survive decapitation or brain removal.



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