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Water mimicry

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Water mimicry
Powers Elisa reconstitutes.jpg
Elisa appears in front of Santiago.
Held by: "Liquid man",
Donald Essex
Ability to: Mimic water and control oneself while in a watery state
Examples of water mimicry

Water mimicry is the ability to mimic water and control oneself while in a watery state.



Liquid man

The "liquid man" was able to use his ability to turn his body partially into water and direct it to douse the agents assigned to capture him. His body was then able to completely reform after performing this action. However, after regrouping, the agent Maarten, who holds the power of pyrokinesis, was able to use his power to overcome and corner the man in a railway car.

Apparently, the "liquid man" cannot use his ability to its full extent in freezing conditions. After he is locked in the train (the door of which reads "морозилка машина", which translates from Russian as "the freezer car"), Noah says that the man is not going anywhere for awhile.


So far, Elisa has only demonstrated the ability to completely transmute her entire body, her clothing, and small personal items such as a necklace and a syringe into water and back again (Destiny, Part 1). She is also capable of reforming completely after flowing herself through a showerhead (Destiny, Part 3), and even after leaving small drops of herself behind (Destiny, Part 4).

Donald Essex

Donald has shown that he is able to transform his chest and arms into water. When he transforms his arms into water, he can generate more water from his arms and fire them at people. After he was subdued by Nathan's agent, his entire body begins dissolving into water, which is eventually dumped into the Mississippi River. According to one of the agents that took him down, Donald transforms himself into saltwater. (Under the Bridge, Part 2)

Selected Examples


  • In an interview, writers Adam Armus and Kay Foster said, "Elisa has the power to change her molecular structure. She uses her ability to become liquid. Is it water? Probably not. She's able to transport things the way any liquid transports things--through momentum."
  • Tracy Strauss appears to demonstrate this ability in An Invisible Thread and throughout Volume 5. However, it is unknown whether it is an extension of her original ability or a completely separate ability.

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