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Broken Memories

Series - Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Episode #1


Jack Swift and his mother, Rebecca, move out of their Midland home to Odessa. On the trip, Jack reads the newspaper articles he has saved of his siblings' "deaths" and the crime his father, Thomas, committed that almost exposed the evolved humans' existence to the world. It is revealed that Thomas left the Swift family on August 15th, 2003, causing Jack to resent his father for leaving with 25% of the family's bank account in his pocket.


Jack Swift

Rebecca Swift

Fredrick Swift (mentioned)

Carrie Swift (mentioned)

Thomas Swift (mentioned)

Memorable Quotes


  • This is the Part One Premiere.


Series - Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Characters: Jack Swift, Kyle Stevens, Fredrick Swift, Carrie Swift, Thomas Swift, Julien Curtis

Episodes: Broken Memories, Claire Bennet, My Father, Your Father, Our Father, Taken Aboard, Traitor

Groups: The Eight

Side Stories: Making Amends and Healing Wounds, Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies