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Linderman Mendez
Portrayed by The Mysterious Geezer
Nicknames Oh, Hi Nick
Powers Invisibility
Aliases Hiro, Linderman, Mysterioso.
Sex Male
Age I've been around since the stoneage
Date of birth After A Clear and Present Danger
Home Usutu's Hut
Occupation Working for Maury Parkman's Pizza Delivery Service
Favorite Heroes quote Mohinder: "Where to my friend?" Noah: "JFK please."
Favorite quote Powers sylar van toss.gif
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode Villains or How To Stop An Exploding Man
Favorite graphic novel Power14.gif
Favorite actor David Tennant
Favorite actress Billie Piper
Favorite Heroes actor James Kyson Lee or Jack Coleman
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Favorite character Sylar, Peter Petrelli, Flint Gordon, Knox, Matt Parkman, Lyle Bennet or Linderman
Least favorite character Mark Spatney
Favorite power Space-time manipulation
Favorite impersonator Power13.gif
Favorite fruit Cucumber
Favorite sport Football
Favorite magazine Match Of The Day Magazine
Favorite comic book Batman
Favorite video game Any Lego Or Fifa One
I am from the
United Kingdom


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