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User:Lost Memoirs/Abilities/Shattering

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Trevor Powers.jpg
Trevor shatters some glass.
Originally held by: Trevor Zeitlan (deceased), James Gordon
Absorbed by: Sylar (lost)
Ability to: Shatter objects

Shattering is the ability to shatter objects by pointing at them.



Trevor Zeitlan

Trevor is able to shatter items from at least a few meters away (Villains). The exact mechanism behind the shattering is unknown. He has only been seen to shatter glass items; what effect this power would have on less fragile materials is unknown, although he did seem to think it would make an effective weapon when threatened by Sylar. However, Sylar was wearing glasses at the time, and Trevor's effort may have been to blind him. It's unknown whether it can affect non-solid objects.

To use his ability, Trevor aims at his target with his index finger and "fires" by dropping his thumb like the hammer of a pistol. Trevor apparently needs to make this gesture to use his power, as he was unable to defend himself when Sylar telekinetically pinned his hands to the wall.

James Gordon

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  • Sylar stole this ability but has never displayed it.
  • Sylar lost the ability after being infected by the Shanti virus.


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