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Ability loss

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Ability loss
Powers Arthur makes Peter powerless.jpg
Peter is shocked to find out that he has lost his abilities.

Ability loss is a condition in which an evolved human is unable to use his/her ability. Ability loss can be temporary or permanent, and caused by a number of means. Known ways of causing this condition include drugs, the effects of certain evolved human abilities, the Shanti virus, or rarely through solar eclipses. An evolved human's self-confidence, or rather lack thereof, can also affect ability performance.

Evolved Human Abilities

René's ability

Most evolved humans lose the use of their abilities when near the Haitian. This ability loss only temporary, as the use of abilities returns when the Haitian leaves or is incapacitated. There have been examples of abilities being used in the Haitian's presence, such as when Nathan flew away (Hiros), or when the Haitian had to use thermal imaging goggles to see Peter and Claude who were both invisible, despite being just a few feet away from the Haitian (Unexpected), but it is unknown if it was due to the abilities not being affected by his power or the Haitian simply not exerting it in those instances.

For a full list of powers that have been blocked by the Haitian's ability, see the mental manipulation article.

Arthur Petrelli's ability

Arthur Petrelli has shown that he can steal the abilities of other evolved humans, rendering them powerless. The absorption itself does not kill the victim, as is the case with Linda Tavara's ability. Arthur is known to have stolen the following powers:

According to Arthur, the effects of power absorption are permanent. He can remove an ability which he already possesses, as in the case of Peter's rapid cell regeneration and telepathy, and Hiro's space-time manipulation.

An ability stolen by Arthur can be, at first partially and later fully restored by Matt Parkman, Jr.'s ability, as seen with Hiro Nakamura. After being touched by Matt Parkman Jr., Hiro was able to access the time-stopping part of his original ability. This seems to indicate that Arthur's power to steal an ability does not damage the victim's DNA, but rather inactivates the portion of DNA in question. Hiro has also regained his ability, though it took a long time to regain full control over it due to a brain tumor he developed. Although Arthur initially said it was impossible for Peter to regain his powers, during their final confrontation, he indicated that he believed that the formula could restore them. However, when Peter did inject himself with the formula, he ended up with a different, though similar, power.

Peter Petrelli's ability

Peter Petrelli loses his currently replicated ability when he absorbs a new one (Trust and Blood). Peter has discarded the following abilities:

Tommy Clark's ability

According to Hiro, Tommy Clark loses his currently absorbed ability when he absorbs a new one (June 13th, Part Two). He can also absorb his sister's ability for a brief time by holding hands, but this is not permanent. (Project Reborn) Tommy has discarded the following abilities:

Phoebe Frady's ability

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Mohinder gives Sylar some curare intravenously in order to cause "paralysis of the brain." Sylar's abilities were severely weakened until he stopped the IV drip (Parasite).


Takezo ties up Hiro and exposes him to opium smoke. During this time, Hiro was unable to use his abilities due to his lack of concentration and sluggishness caused by the opium (Out of Time).

It is unknown if opium will still cause ability loss for evolved humans with abilities that are passive or require little concentration.

Ability negation pills

After being captured by the Company, Peter is given ability negation pills in order to suppress his powers. The effects of the pills are temporary, as they wore off after a few days of not taking them (Four Months Ago...).

Ability negation system

With the help of the US government, Nathan developed a system to negate abilities and keep evolved humans in a stupor. Part of the system incorporates a device that administers an unknown drug intra-nasally to the evolved human. Since those early days, the ability negation system has become quite common, used widely by the Company and Renautas.

The Shanti virus

Solar eclipse

A solar eclipse can activate (Genesis) or deactivate (The Eclipse, Part 1) abilities. The deactivation of abilities appears to only be in effect during the eclipse (The Eclipse, Part 2).

Abilities shown to be negatively affected by an eclipse are: alchemy, clairsentience, electric manipulation, enhanced strength and senses, flight, impenetrable skin, intuitive aptitude, mental manipulation, neurocognitive deficit, poison emission, power absorption, precognition, primal rage, pyrokinesis, rapid cell regeneration, sound manipulation, space-time manipulation, super speed, telekinesis and telepathy.


An evolved human's self-confidence can affect their performance with their ability. An example of this is Hiro's inability to use his new found space-time manipulation power after the death of Charlie. He also believed that he would not be able to use his ability until he had the Kensei's sword in his possession.


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