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Powers Precognition
Sex Male
Age 20
Date of birth 1989
Favorite Heroes quote "Flying man!"
Favorite colors The dark blue of a sea at twilight/the powerful red of fresh blood (I'm not a psycho, I promise)
Favorite episode Better Halves
Favorite character Hiro Nakamura
Least favorite character Damon Dawson
Favorite power Rapid cellular regeneration
US I am from the United States

I love the first season of Heroes. I think the quality went down a lot since then, but I still watched the show until its cancellation.

After Hiro, my favorite character is Elle Bishop. I like the Elle/Peter relationship, but think Sylar/Elle was handled poorly. Sylar, Elle, Doyle, and Noah are my favorite villains. I'm not a big fan of femslash, but have been writing an Elle/Claire fanfiction just because I like the characters and because their powers fit each other (Elle zaps her, and Claire heals).

I'm interested in the examination of sexism and related subjects. I think the Women in Refrigerators list is interesting, but not focused enough to really say anything about sexism. It should probably be redesigned with new criteria before it can really be reliable.

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