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Damon Dawson

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Damon Dawson
Damon dawson.jpg
Portrayed by Carlon Jeffery
First appearance The Kindness of Strangers
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home New Orleans, LA
Residence A single-family home in post-Katrina New Orleans
Parent Unnamed mother
Grandparent Nana Dawson
Guardian Nana Dawson
Sibling Monica Dawson
Other relatives D.L. Hawkins (cousin once removed)
Jessica and Niki Sanders (cousins-in-law once removed)
Micah Sanders (second cousin)

Damon Dawson is Micah's cousin.

Character History

The Kindness of Strangers

When Micah first comes to stay with his family, Damon bullies him by taunting him and waking him with splashes of water to the face. Later, Damon complains about missing a wrestling match on pay-per-view. Micah uses his technopathy to get the match for free that night. Thankful, Damon grants Micah a "stay of execution."

Four Months Ago...

Three weeks before Micah moves to New Orleans, Micah and Damon are at D.L.'s funeral. Micah is looking fondly at his father's medal of valor which was awarded to D.L. for his firefighting duties. Damon rudely interrupts by asking Micah if he could play with it. Monica slaps Damon on the head and tells him not to ask Micah that.

Truth & Consequences

As Damon returns home with Micah and Monica, they discuss Micah's comic book collection. While Micah enjoys the stories, Damon is more interested in their monetary worth. Later, Damon steals Micah's backpack, containing the comics and D.L.'s medal, and takes them to some kids he knows to have their worth appraised. He is beaten up and the comics are stolen. He returns home with a bloody nose and confesses to stealing Micah's backpack. Micah attacks him and has to be restrained by Niki.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

When Micah comes home and finds his family abducted, he is calling for Monica and Nana, not for Damon. Agents report that "field-ops grabbed the cousin by mistake". Later "Dawson M." and "Dawson N." appear on the list, but no Dawson D.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

West, Abigail, and Sparrow rescue Damon and Nana from Building 26. However they cannot find Monica, as Nana reveals that they were separated when she and Damon arrived. Damon is uncertain about their escape route, but goes along with it and gets away with his grandmother.

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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Damon Dawson for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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