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Episode:Better Halves

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Better Halves
Season: One
Episode number: 106
First aired: October 30, 2006
Written by: Natalie Chaidez
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: Hiros
Next episode: Nothing to Hide
Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. A battle between what exists and what is yet to be born. In the midst of these birth pains, morality loses its meaning, the question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish.


  • Niki's alter-ego finally reveals herself, leading to a dramatic showdown between her and DL.
  • Peter delivers his message to Hiro.
  • Isaac discovers a painting of his is missing, and it could be the key to saving the cheerleader.
  • Hiro and Ando are roped in by the high roller they cheated, but find themselves in the midst of a bloodbath.
  • Claire's meeting with her birth parents doesn't live up to her expectations.
  • Mohinder leaves for India to scatter his father's ashes.

Story Development

The missing painting · Money launderer · Ernie's gun · Hiro's sword · Hank & Lisa · The money · Las Vegas warehouse



Peter delivers his message to Hiro and Ando. He tells them, "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Ando tries to find out where the cheerleader is, but Peter and Isaac don't know. Peter tells them about "Future Hiro" and that he was told to save the cheerleader. Ando translates for Hiro, which includes telling Hiro that he has a sword in the future, which clearly impresses Hiro. Peter tells them to get to New York so they can find the cheerleader. Peter puts Isaac's paintings together realizing they tell a story like a comic book and points out that there is one painting missing, which Isaac says Simone has.

Claire and her mom are making cupcakes while her mom talks about work. Claire pulls a pan of cupcakes out of the oven without mitts burning her hands severely. Her hands quickly heal. Claire's dad walks in having spent the last hour on the phone. Her dad reveals that he was on the phone with Claire's biological parents. He tells them they would like to meet Claire tomorrow. Her dad lets Claire decide if she's ready to meet them. She tells him that she's ready.

Niki is asleep in her bed with Micah when she's startled awake. She walks the house and checks outside to find a police car still there. She's about to enter a room when D.L. appears behind her and starts talking to her. Niki asks how he managed to get inside with police right outside. He pulls her away and lightly restrains her. She reminds D.L. that all she needs to do is scream and the police will be right in.

Niki tells D.L. that he should leave, but he says that this is still his home and that Micah needs a father. There's a knock at the door and D.L. goes to check on Micah. Niki opens the door and a police officer asks her if everything is alright. She claims she was just talking with her son, but her distracted look makes the police officer suspicious. She claims she's just tired and the police officer returns to his car.

Claire and Zach discuss her biological parents.

D.L. and Niki talk about what happened with Linderman's money. D.L. tells her that he planned to steal the $2 million, but didn't because he knew Linderman would kill him, Niki, and Micah. He backed out of the plan, but unfortunately someone else who was familiar with the plan stole the $2 million and framed D.L. for it. D.L. doesn't know who took the money, but he does know it was a woman. D.L. is going to meet with someone who just got done laundering $2 million for someone else in Las Vegas and try to find out who it was.

Claire walks with Zach talking about how she's going to find out from her biological parents whether they have any powers. Claire wonders what will happen if her parents have powers and can do the things she can do. Zach tells her he hopes they can't and likes the fact that her powers make Claire more special. Claire accuses him of flirting with her, which he adamantly denies. Zach asks if Claire's planning on "coming out" to her adoptive parents. Claire believes her father would never be able to wrap his mind around something like this.

Hiro does an imitation of a light-saber fight while Ando asks him what will happen if they get to New York and it explodes. Hiro tells him that it won't explode because it's part of their heroic journey. Ando claims it's Hiro's journey, but Hiro tells him that he doesn't have to have superpowers to be a hero. Ando asks Hiro why Future Hiro wouldn't just travel back in time and visit them directly. Hiro tells him that he wouldn't want to risk creating a rift, but Ando teases Hiro that he doesn't know what he's talking about. As their car is backing up, an SUV stops right behind them. Inside the SUV is the high roller Hiro and Ando cheated at poker. They claim they just want to talk. Ando protests that they didn't cheat, they were just lucky. The high-roller tells them he knows they cheated and wants a little payback.

At Claire's house the doorbell rings and Claire's mom answers it. At the door are Hank and Lisa, Claire's biological parents.

Niki and D.L. talk about their relationship. Niki tells D.L. he can't just walk back in after having left them for the past 6 months. D.L. argues that he had to try to do something to make more money for them. Niki tells him that when he left she "became a different person". D.L. tells her he's not mad about the webcam work she was doing and that he knows she did what she had to do. Niki tells him he can stay the night, but has to leave in the morning. D.L. kisses her on the cheek and leaves the room to go sleep on the sofa. Both Niki and D.L. are restless. Eventually Niki comes out and tells him to come to bed.

Ando finds a disturbing secret.

Ando and the high-roller are playing cards with two other men at a Las Vegas warehouse. One of the men, Ernie (referred to by Ando as "the man with the scary face") thinks he's being hustled and asks Ando what his system is. Ando just claims that Japanese people are lucky. The man deals the cards and Hiro stops time. He collects all the dealt cards and re-deals them giving Ando a straight. Ando bends over and notices "the man with the scary face" has a revolver sitting on his briefcase pointed at Ando. Ando claims he needs to use the bathroom and drags Hiro in with him. He tells Hiro about the gun and believes that the other players are going to kill both of them. A man is heard outside saying, "Who invited her?" Suddenly there's a commotion outside with screams and breaking glass. Hiro tries to concentrate and stop time, but he's not able to do it in time. A man is apparently thrown into the bathroom door causing it to break partially. Blood drips down the inside of the door. Footsteps are heard as an unknown person opens a door outside of the bathroom and leaves. Hiro laments that he couldn't save them and regrets that he was hiding in the bathroom. Hiro and Ando escape through a window in the bathroom.

The next morning, D.L. gently wakes up Niki. They reminisce about how they first met as kids. D.L. tells her to get some sleep because she didn't get much last night. He tells her that he heard her get up in the middle of the night, trying to be quiet. Niki looks into the mirror and sees her mirror self holding D.L. although she herself is not. Micah walks in and sees his dad. They hug and say they missed each other.

As Mohinder is packing up his belongings he tells Eden about what happened with Peter on the train. Eden expresses disappointment that he's just going to take Chandra's ashes, get on a plane, and return to India. Mohinder thanks Eden for everything she's done for both him and his father. Eden tells him that he's not done here and that he'll be back. Mohinder says goodbye, but Eden refuses to. As he leaves they both kiss. Eden reiterates "See ya later."

D.L. looks at Micah's comics with him remarking that he told Micah not to read 9th Wonders!, but that he ended up reading it anyway even though it scared him. D.L. does a playful imitation of Uluru "The Invincible". D.L. apologizes to Micah for not being around and tells Micah to look after Niki when he's not around since he's the man of the house. Micah asks how he got out of jail. He tells Micah that he just walked out and that he has a secret. As Niki comes out Micah leaves to get more comic books. Niki explains that it's going to crush Micah when D.L. goes away again, but D.L. said he's not going to keep running. He's going to find the woman who framed him and clear things up. He wants Niki to come with him so she can hear for herself that he didn't steal the $2 million.

At Claire's house, Claire, her parents, and her biological parents are sitting down making awkward conversation. Her biological mom comments that Claire has her biological father's mouth and nose. Claire says she wonders what else of theirs she has. There's an awkward silence after which Claire's mom offers to go bring some refreshments. Claire's mom and dad go into the kitchen leaving Claire with her biological parents. They ask her what they can tell her about themselves.

Niki and D.L. arrive at the building where he's supposed to meet the man who laundered the $2 million. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. Suddenly D.L. opens the door. Confused, Niki says she thought it was locked, but he claims he guesses it wasn't. They enter the building to find the three other men Hiro and Ando were playing poker with slaughtered. D.L. drags Niki out of the room.

Claire thinks she meets her biological parents.

Claire's biological parents tell the story of how they ended up giving her up for adoption. In the kitchen her dad eavesdrops through the blinds. Claire asks if there's anything she should know "medically". Her biological mom tells her there is something and that she has diabetes. Her biological father says that there's a history of cancer and heart disease on his side of the family. Claire is obviously disappointed at the answer. Mr. Bennet's phone rings and, having been caught eavesdropping, he apologizes. He answers the phone and tells his wife that it's work calling. She leaves the room. The voice on the phone is Eden. She tells Mr. Bennet that Mohinder left for India. Mr. Bennet is disappointed, but Eden tells him that he'll be back. Mr. Bennet asks about Peter Petrelli and Eden tells him that Peter believes he can fly, but doesn't have confirmation. She also says there's someone who can stop time. Mr. Bennet replies, "Really? That's cool." Eden tells Mr. Bennet that the person had a message for Peter and that it was to "save the cheerleader." Mr. Bennet goes silent as he gets a concerned look on his face. He thanks Eden for the update. Eden asks what to do about the "precog" and Mr. Bennet tells her to bring him in.

Back home Niki tells D.L. this isn't the first time she's seen something like that and that something similar happened in her garage to the two men that came to collect on Niki's loan. Niki tells him that she believes it was her that killed the three men last night when she got up in the middle of the night. D.L. tries to convince her that it's just the same person who set him up that's setting her up so that D.L. can't clear his name. Micah asks Niki if she's seen his backpack. She finds the backpack and goes to take it to Micah, but stops when she sees her reflection in the mirror. The next thing she remembers is sitting on the sofa without the backpack. She goes to Micah's room and he's packing his backpack. She asks him where he got his backpack, and Micah tells her that she was just in his room a minute ago and gave it to him. Micah asks if Niki is alright, and she says she's not feeling well and needs to lay down. In her room she sits up against the mirror and asks herself what's wrong with her. Her alternate personality starts talking to her. Niki believes that the alternate personality isn't real and is just a tumor or something. Her alternate personality tells her they're a lot of things, but they're not crazy. Her alternate personality reveals that it was her/them that framed D.L., stole the $2 million, and killed his crew. She tells Niki to get the money and take Micah as far from D.L. as possible. She tells Niki that she can't tell D.L. because he'll put everything together and then it'll only be a question of whether he kills Niki before he leaves with Micah. She tells Niki that she can either let D.L. take their son away forever, or she can do exactly what her alternate personality tells her to do. Niki asks where the money is.

Hiro and Ando are walking back to the car. Hiro is still depressed that he couldn't save the gamblers. He claims he has a gift and is supposed to be using it to help people. Hiro starts to doubt whether he's the hero he thought he was. Ando tells him that every hero is on a journey and that you don't start at the end. Ando reminds Hiro that he can bend space time and when he gets better at it he can come back to this point later and try to fix things which cheers Hiro up.

Mr. Bennet walks out Claire's biological parents thanking them again for coming. As they get to the car the "biological father" claims that they went pretty well and that if there's anything Mr. Bennet needs to let him know. It becomes apparent that the man is working for Mr. Bennet. Mr. Bennet tells the man he'll keep him posted. Inside Claire's mom remarks that this isn't the first time they've tried to find her biological parents and that when Claire was a baby they thought she had some chromosomal disease that they wanted to test her parents for. Claire asks what kind of disease she had or how they knew something was wrong with her, but her mom doesn't seem to really know.

Niki climbs into the crawlspace above her ceiling and finds a briefcase filled with money and a gun. She drops the briefcase into her room and drops out of the crawlspace. When she gets up D.L. is standing in front of her and confronts her realizing that it was her that framed him.

Niki tries to explain about the alternate personality, but D.L. says he's taking the money and Micah. As he's about to leave Niki's alternate personality takes over. She hits D.L. with the briefcase causing him to fly across the room into a dresser. Hearing the noise Micah asks if everything is okay. She says they're just moving furniture and closes the door. She goes to check on D.L., but he's gone. She walks around the room and suddenly D.L. phases through the wall and grabs her. She grabs his hand and throws him onto the bed. She jumps on top of him and D.L. stretches the back of her shirt revealing the symbol that appears when her alternate personality is in control. Micah walks in and sees her choking D.L. With the alter-ego distracted, D.L. takes the opportunity to phase his hand through her chest, reach up, and choke her. She loses consciousness, and collapses. Micah runs over to her, but D.L. grabs him and takes him away.

Isaac looks at a painting of Niki/Jessica. He takes his thumb and rubs the paint on her right shoulder blade revealing The Symbol. There's a knock at the door. Isaac opens the door and it's Eden who claims to be a fan of his work. She asks to come in.

Niki lies unconscious on the floor, her fate unknown.

Memorable Quotes

"The police are right outside. If I scream, they will be in here in two seconds."

"Then I hope you don't scream."

- Niki, DL

"You came from the future and told them to save the cheerleader. And you had a sword."

"I had a sword?"

- Ando, Hiro

""Future me" was afraid of causing a rift in the space-time continuum.

"You're talking out of your ass. You don't know how any of this works."

- Hiro, Ando

"You guys go to the bathroom together?"

"Yes. It is how we roll."

- Ernie, Ando

"Should you be eavesdropping?"


- Sandra Bennet, Mr. Bennet

"What happens if we get to New York and it explodes?"

"If we get to New York, it won't explode. That's the idea, it's the heroic journey."

"It's your heroic journey."

"It's our heroic journey. You don't have to have superpowers to be a hero."

- Ando, Hiro

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