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Peter Dawson
User PeterDawson.jpg
Portrayed by Peter Dawson
First appearance BTE Week 16
In-story stats
Known abilities Enhanced speed, Freezing, Illusion, Invisibility, Luminescence, Space-time manipulation, Genetic Manipulation, Narcokinesis, Pain Induction, Rapid Gyration, Sciakinesis
Age 21
Date of birth 1987
Occupation Programmer
Parent Unknown
Sibling Unknown

I'm a Canadian fan of the show and I frequently submit questions to Behind the Eclipse Behind The Eclipse. My favorite character is Hiro Nakamura, mostly because I like his power the most. My youtube page is here.

Fan Powers

Aquatic Travel

Aquatic Travel, which could alternatively be called Hydroportation, is the ability to travel at high speeds in liquids by the power of thought alone instead of requiring a swimming motion. The ability is effectively like Flight.

The power can only work in liquids such as water. Denser liquids such as oil or tar can considerably slow the user down compared to when travelling in water. How long the user can hold their breath is also an issue, but the user doesn't have to be completely submerged for it to work, nor to they have to assume a specific position.


Invunerability is the ability to shield one's body from external damage. The person's mind reinforces the body's cells, making them them resistant to impact and pressure. As a result everything from punches to bullets are unable to piece the person's body or even breaking skin.

While people who possess the power are invunerable to outside attacks, internal problems such as diseases are still a threat. The bearers of the power can also still die, as the the body cells can be destroyed by natural causes.

Stable Mind

Stable Mind makes one immune to stupor, thus making it impossible for the user to be intoxicated or be hindered by any sort of ingested substance. The power is passive in nature.

While the user is resistent to the mind-altering effects of alcohol, drugs and other substances that the body absorbs or injests, the effects on one's organs and physique still occur, thus the user should not assume no harm will come to them if they over-indulge in a substance. People who have abilities that can affect the minds of others are still fully able to affect the user.

Save the beer, save the party.
— Peter Dawson

Planned Powers to Create Videos For