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Enhanced hearing

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Enhanced hearing
Powers sylar tuning fork torture.jpg
Sylar's ability is turned against him.
Originally held by: Dale Smither (deceased)
Absorbed by: Sylar (lost)
Ability to: Hear sounds beyond normal limits

Enhanced hearing is the ability to hear sounds beyond normal limits.



Dale Smither

Enhanced hearing appears to be a passive ability which is always active, yet controllable. With some concentration, the user can isolate particular sounds.

Dale had at least enough sensitivity to hear a human heartbeat from a few feet away. She had enough practice to detect changes in a person's mood by changes in their heart rate. She claimed to be able to hear every individual footfall of a cockroach.


Sylar experienced some difficulty controlling the power after first obtaining it. He was sensitive to loud noises, such as a car door being slammed, which produced flinches and enough pain to make him groan. Mohinder was able to use this sensitivity against Sylar and torture him with a tuning fork. (Parasite)

Currently, Sylar seems to display mastery over the ability. He was able to eavesdrop from across Kirby Plaza, as well as detect Hiro's beating heart from several meters away and later recognize it (The Hard Part). He also claimed to be able to hear a pin drop from a mile away.


Other Examples

Memorable Quotes

"I- I-- I thought the headaches at first were gonna kill me. I'd lie awake at night thinking that my head was gonna explode. A cockroach crawling across my neighbor's floor was like a marching band parading through my house."

"I'm sorry. It must be quite a burden."

"A burden? Hell, no. This is the best damn thing that ever happened to me. Well, now that I've learned to control it, I'm like Superman or something. I can hear rain coming from forty miles away. I can even hear someone's moods -- the tiniest changes in a heartbeat. Yours, for instance. It's racing kind of fast. You nervous about something?"

- Dale, Mohinder (Unexpected)

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