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Circus, Part 1
The Greatest Show on Earth
Web. #: 17
Released: September 26, 2021
Rebel sends Anna ahead on a mission to a circus hiding an important secret. But Building 26 — eager to learn who or what "LAWR" is — follows hard on her heels.




Anna walks inside the circus tent, and noticing the ringmaster leaving she quickly runs up and introduces herself. He is startled to see Anna, but says hello and continues walking towards another tent in the back of the lot. Anna tells him she wants to help him, but he replies that they are not hiring and doesn't look back at her. She continues that their friend Rebel sent her, but he just ignores her and brushes her off.

The ringmaster then turns and walks into the Freakshow tent, where Anna follows him inside. She hears water splash and spots a woman that looks like a mermaid get out of a giant fish tank and begin unzipping something behind her back. Then, the woman sees Anna and shouts to someone named Doug, telling him that there is a kid in the tent. The man that Anna was talking with loudly groans somewhere offscreen.

Anna notices a man all tied up in chains, staring at her with a crazy grin. Then, she sees what appears to be a rotting body rising out of a coffin and screams. The mermaid woman says it is okay and pats her shoulder. As Anna calms down, the woman says that Anna is kind of old to be scared by costumes. Anna replies that she is used to it being real, and not a costume. Next, Anna takes a deep breath and shouts toward the ringmaster, telling him that they have to go, and that the government is surrounding the circus.

A silence then falls over the tent, and Doug steps out and asks Anna what she knows about the government. Anna replies that she was sent by their friend and they need to leave. She adds that they will be coming for him, but he replies that the government agents are coming for everyone else there, not him.

Anna looks around and sees the mermaid girl cup her hands. The air inside turns to water, leaking through her fingers. The chains around the man with the crazy grin suddenly melt, revealing jeans and a T-shirt, and he winks at Anna.

Anna then says for both of them to flee, but a raspy voice from the corpse in the coffin says they can't. It reaches out a hand and grabs a chair. Doug calls the thing in the coffin Linda, and tells her not to use his chair. However, Linda appears to ignore him and the chair begins to age, turning black and finally collapsing into dust. As this occurs, Linda becomes a young woman that Anna thinks looks familiar somehow. She tells Anna that they can't leave until the twin is safe.

Suddenly, voices from Building 26 agents are heard outside the tent as everybody freezes.

Memorable Quotes

"You're kind of old to be scared by costumes."

"I'm not used to costumes. I'm used to it being real."

- Barbara, Anna

""Not my chair, Linda."

- Doug

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