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Crazy Tom
Portrayed by Richard Mongler
First appearance April 10, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Illusion
Occupation Circus performer

Crazy Tom is a performer in the circus whom Anna is sent to rescue.

Character History

Webisode:Circus, Part 1

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Webisode:Circus, Part 2

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Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 9 of The Agent, a man all tied up in chains stares at Anna, with what she thinks is a crazy grin, in the back tent of a circus after closing time. A short while later, Doug informs Anna that the government is coming for everyone but himself, and the chains around the man with the crazy grin suddenly melt, revealing jeans and a T-shirt. The man then winks at Anna. Some time later, the man huddles with Anna and the other circus performers in the dark. He and everyone else freeze as they spot lots of people moving around quietly outside.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, the man whom Anna thinks is always smiling hides with Anna and the other circus staff in a cellar underneath the circus while agents search above them. Anna notes that his clothes continue to change--that he is sometimes in a straitjacket, other times a tux, and sometimes jeans.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Anna runs into the crazy man in the Ellen drop point building. He shifts his clothes from black to gray, having blended into the walls. After Linda shoots herself, the crazy man kneels beside her body and checks her pulse. He then says to Anna "It's finished".

Evolved Human Abilities

Crazy Tom is capable of casting illusions over anything he is touching. He often uses his ability to transform his clothing as well as that of others. Most of the time he is shown wearing jeans and a t-shirt with an image of a dinosaur on it, and it is possible that these are his "real" clothes.

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