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Building 26

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Building 26
Building 26 truck.jpg
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: Nathan's operations' headquarters

"Building 26" is the official designation given to an agency of the Department of Homeland Security started up by Senator Nathan Petrelli as a task force to hunt down and imprison evolved humans.

Notable Employees

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Trust and Blood

Forty-three hours after the Flight 195 crash, Nathan Petrelli sits in his office at Building 26, talking to Angela on the phone. He recounts what happened at the crash site to Angela. After finishing the phone call, an analyst comes into the office to tell Nathan that someone is ready for him. Nathan nods and heads out of his office, walking down a corridor before walking into the back of a truck. Rachel Mills and another guard unmask a battered Tracy, who, after trying to persuade Nathan to let her go and ultimately failing, yells desperately that Nathan is one of them.

Building 26

Danko is briefing his team in the control center of Building 26. He tells them about surveillance efforts and the status of their operation. He points out that Claire is "on probation". Nathan enters the room and points out that the evolved humans are still human, and are now scared. Because of the difficulty in capturing the fugitives and keeping their prisoner, Nathan has requested extra funding from The President.

Thinking her a representative of the president, Nathan and Danko meet Abby Collins in Building 26. She states the president is worried about their operation and that the Department of Homeland Security is now overseeing their team. Danko doesn't like another politician getting involved, but Nathan leads Abby on a tour. They discuss why Nathan's requested the funding, leading Abby to admit she thinks his ideas of people who can time travel and read minds is absurd. Nathan asks who she works for, and Abby informs him she's his new boss. Nathan lets it slip they're holding a prisoner and Abby demands to see her.

Tracy Strauss is chained to a chair in a room full of heaters. When Nathan shows this to Abby, she's horrified. She tells Nathan that she will file a complaint against him at the Justice department for humans rights violations.

While Nathan and Abby argue over whether or not his operation will be shut down, Tracy discovers a loose bracket on her shackles and pulls herself free. The alarms sound and Nathan and Abby both head towards the prison. They get stopped in the hallway outside, where Tracy is holding Mark Leggett hostage. When Tracy sees Nathan, she freezes Leggett and shatters him against the wall. Abby is speechless as Tracy is sedated and recaptured. Nathan apologizes, admitting that he wished Abby didn't have to see that. Abby has changed her mind about the funding, however, and gives Nathan the promise that he'll have all he needs.

Once Tracy is reshackled in her prison, Nathan visits her and tells she won't be escaping again. Tracy then tells him that she knows it was he who released her, and that she will escape next time.

Nathan confronts Danko about Tracy's accusations, revealing that it was Danko who orchestrated the event. Danko says he did it to protect the agency, and Nathan sadly informs him of Mark Leggett's name.

Cold Wars

Matt searches through Noah's memory and finds the day when Noah and Danko first met. They disagreed over how to run the operation. Noah suggested the "one of us, one of them" principle, but Danko preferred to use units of agents instead.

Later, Matt finds in Noah's memory of Daphne being brought into Building 26. Noah had sedated Daphne to keep her from going into shock.


Danko yells to the analysts that Matt and Peter are their top priorities. He orders for them to be captured by any means necessary, but Nathan disagrees on using lethal force.

Matt and Peter infiltrate Building 26 after receiving a message from Rebel that tells them that Daphne is there. Peter replicates Matt's telepathy and the two use it to get past the guards without anyone stopping them. While Matt mentally controls two guards to hold off Danko, Peter hacks into the building's computers to try to find Daphne. Ultimately, he learns that Daphne is no longer there: she has been moved to a medical facility, but Rebel brings up a video file that was in the computer system that shows all of the captured evolved humans being put on Flight 195. Peter copies the file to a flash drive, but Noah Bennet activates Building 26's fire alarm system disrupting their telepathy. Rebel knocks out the building's power, shutting down the alarm and allowing Peter to escape while Matt is captured by Danko and his men.

Later, Nathan tells Danko and Noah that Peter made a deal with him. Nathan tells Danko to prepare the trade-off but Danko has his own plans: he leaves the building, ready to kill Peter on the spot.

Shades of Gray

Nathan walks through Building 26 and meets Danko; he asks what Matt Parkman is doing out in Washington, DC with a bomb strapped to him. When Danko says he doesn't know, Nathan heads to the roof via stairs, leading Danko to be suspicious.

An analyst preps the detonation of the bomb that is attached to Mat's body. Danko comes by and hurries the analyst up. Noah tells Danko to slow down, and they find that someone has jammed their operation. By the time they get the detonator working again, Nathan has defused the bomb already. Later, the analyst says that they couldn't track down whoever jammed their system.

When Nathan returns, he tells Danko that he's fired. Danko begins looking for evidence that could implicate Nathan as an evolved human, and tries to get the truth out of Tracy Strauss, who does not tell Danko anything since Nathan had previously stated that he was her only hope. But Danko does not give up, and eventually pushes Nathan out of a window, only to watch him fly away. He turns to Noah and says that Noah had better not known about this.

Cold Snap

Emile Danko brings Mohinder to the "Human Resources" room. The room is full of the sedated evolved humans Danko's team has captured. Mohinder spots Daphne and rushes to her side. Danko reveals he set a trap to get Mohinder in there quickly, and has the doctor sedated as well. Danko orders an operative to prepare a bed for their other prisoner.

Tracy, meanwhile, sits in her prison, trying to make ice. She manages to freeze her breath.

Danko brings Noah Bennet to the Human Resources room. He shows off Eric Doyle as a present, which prompts Noah to suggest he is allowed to return the favor. Bennet offers to take down Rebel if Danko allows for Tracy to escape. Noah believes that Tracy knows who Rebel is and would lead them straight to him. Danko is skeptical at first, but agrees to the plan when Noah promises to kill Tracy himself if anything goes wrong.

A team hunting Angela Petrelli call Bennet in Building 26 to inform him that they lost their target. Danko thinks she was tipped off while Noah states she can dream the future. Noah says they can use Angela's cellphone to track her, but is interrupted when the building systems shut down. In Tracy's cell, Rebel turns off the heat lamps. Tracy escapes and is guided by Rebel into the Human Resources room. She rescues Mohinder and Matt Parkman. When Matt, in turn, rescues Daphne, Tracy abandons them fearing they'd slow her down. She gets to the end of a hallway only to discover Rebel won't open the doors. Agents burst through the door as the other three escapees catch up. Matt uses his telepathy to mask their presences and the guards run past them. The quadruplet then leaves through the front door.

Back in the control room, Danko is angry at Noah and says if Tracy does lead him to Rebel, Noah should to kill them both and chalk it up to self-defense.

Into Asylum

Emile Danko briefs a new team on the importance of finding James Martin in the control room. Him and Noah Bennet disagree on their top priority, with Noah feeling that Sylar is close by and should be captured immediately. Danko, instead, gives him the assignment of finding Angela Petrelli.

In Danko's office, Agent Jenkins checks in before leaving for the day. He shakes Danko's hand and compliments his inspirational speech earlier. Danko's phone rings and he excuses Jenkins. Sylar then tells Danko to open the box sitting in his office, revealing the real Agent Jenkins' head; Martin is a shape shifter. Danko grabs a team of men and chases James Martin into the parking lot. Martin grabs the hand of a janitor and then shifts into him. Danko's team grabs the janitor as they pass, but Danko continues pursuit until he gets to the open street, where the crowds of people and stormy weather make it easy for Martin to get away.

Turn and Face the Strange

A skeptical Noah Bennet examines Sylar's dead body as Emile Danko tries to convince him that Sylar really is dead. A agent comes in and tells Noah that his wife has arrived. Noah is surprised; Danko tells the agent to send her up.

In the hallway of Building 26, Sandra and Noah Bennet get into an argument about the current location of Claire. Noah changes the subject to his disbelief regarding Sylar's death. Danko approaches and introduces himself to Sandra with a handshake, but Sandra acts hostile to him. She reveals she knows that she's had surveillance placed on her house. Danko merely states "it was nice to meet you", and makes his way towards the bathroom. Noah begs Sandra to go home, but she is going to stay until Claire is found. She doesn't give Noah time to argue as she leaves.

Upon entering the bathroom, Danko locks the door and walks over to the urinals. The real Danko is using them and is surprised at Sylar, who is having fun masquerading as him. Danko berates Sylar, thinking that Sylar is using his powers irresponsibly. Danko warns him about playing games to kill Bennet as Sylar changes back into himself. He tells Danko that he doesn't want to kill Noah; he wants to destroy him.

Noah walks through the hallways of Building 26 as Angela Petrelli calls him in regards to a dream she had. She wants to gather him and her family to a place called Coyote Sands to reveal the truth. Noah wants to check out Sylar's wound one last time. Angela pleas with him to let it alone, but Noah ignores her. He enters the morgue and discovers the bodies were moved to the crematorium for barbeque. Hanging up on Angela, Noah hurries to catch the body on time.

Matt Parkman is waiting in a car outside Building 26 for Danko. When Danko finally comes out, Matt incites paranoiad and tells him that he has to check on the person closest to him. Danko hails down a taxi, and Matt follows.

Noah compares Sandra's signature on the divorce papers to her signature on record. Upon discovering they're different, Noah calls the DNA lab in regards to a sample he'd sent from the spike in Sylar's head. Nigel the technician informs him the blood belongs to James Martin, and Noah realizes Sylar is now a shape shifter. Grabbing his coat, Noah heads off to Sandra's hotel.

Noah walks across the control room and into Danko's office. He suggests he's Sylar and hands Danko a file that Noah had been keeping from him. Danko takes the file stating the he wasn't surprised. Noah draws his gun and asks Danko if he's surprised now. Taking Danko's firearm, Noah criticizes Danko for trusting Sylar. Noah wants him to reveal where Sylar is. Danko tells him Sylar is posing as Agent Donner from Team 6, currently on mission. Noah holds Danko at gunpoint as he waits for their return.

Team 6 arrives back at Building 26 and Noah trains his gun on the back of Donner's head. He commands the other agents to aim at Donner as well, stating that Danko told him who Donner really was. Both Donner and Danko deny the accusation. Noah, betrayed, tells the agents that Sylar and Danko are working together, but Danko suggests Noah is just stressed out. Donner blames Noah's pending divorce, confirming Noah's suspicion. He fires at Donner's head, but another agent bats his hand as the gun goes off. The bullet hits Donner's back and Noah insists that everybody give him room to regenerate. After the body doesn't revive, Danko checks his pulse and declares him dead. Noah panics and holds Danko hostage as he starts backing out of the room. Noah releases Danko when he gets to the door and runs away. On Danko's order, the rest of the team chases him across the lobby and out the front door.

Danko, meanwhile, apologizes to Donner as he recovers from his wound, revealing he really was Sylar. Sylar is angry that Danko nearly got him killed, telling him that he could have tricked Noah into shooting Agent Foster instead. Danko points out that Foster would have actually died. Sylar is still angry, but Danko appears amused that Sylar could bleed as he did. Sylar reveals he "squeezed out" some extra for show.

Some time later, Danko calls Alena from his office and tries to convince her that he really is a good person.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

At a shooting range in Building 26, Danko enters with agents and restrain Rachel Mills. When it is discovered Rachel is an evolved human, Rachel teleports to a hallway then into a room filled with evolved human prisoners. She releases Eric Doyle, Mary Krause and Gordon Hovey. Rachel then teleports through the building to the roof.

I Am Sylar

Watching the agent from inside his office, Danko tells Sylar that in order to work with his team, he should take over the identity and life of Agent Taub.

After finding Tom Miller decapitated and the murder scene signed with the bloody words "I Am Sylar", Danko heads to his office where he finds Sylar in a state of some distress. Danko closes the blind as Sylar informs him that Rebel is still in the Washington area. Danko is pleased, but Sylar reveals he's having problems with his shape shifting. Danko relates to the issue and tells Sylar to find an anchor to remind him of who he is. Danko himself has a watch that his father gave him. Sylar listens to it, recognizing that it's running slightly fast. Danko asks who Sylar killed to gain that ability and Sylar responds that that's the only power that was ever truly his.

Hiro and Ando arrive at the front of Building 26. They agree to be equal partners in crime fighting, and Hiro tries to freeze time. However, Hiro yells in pain and nearly falls to the ground with a serious nosebleed, saying that his head hurts. Later, Ando give tissues to a bleeding and distraught Hiro as they sit outside the building.

An Invisible Thread

Danko is imprisoned in a cell with Noah Bennet. They make a pact to work together.

Ando and Hiro infiltrate Building 26 after stopping time. They free the evolved humans captive and replace them with all of the members of the Building 26 unit. The freed captives escape, while Danko and Noah team up to take down Sylar. Danko turns on Noah and tries to knock him out with a tranquilizer dart, but is stopped by Hiro who takes the dart and injects Danko instead.

Matt Parkman tells Angela Petrelli that he has come to Washington, DC to shut down Building 26.

Later, the President stops the whole Building 26 operation.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

While Peter and Matt broke into Building 26 and secured the Flight 195's security footage, Micah had sent West and Abigail to rescue Nana, Monica, and Damon. West and Abigail combine their powers to subdue an agent, and then enter the Human Resources room, where all prisoners are kept. West frees Nana and Damon while Abigail holds off Danko's team's bullets using her forcefields. Unable to locate Monica, they escape with Sparrow's help. Meanwhile, somebody shoots Micah.


Danko meets Mr. Bennet at an abandoned Building 26. Mr. Bennet tries to convince Danko to forget about Tracy Strauss, but Danko remains hellbent on exacting revenge. Suddenly, the Haitian appears and forces Danko to forget about Tracy.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

One of the Primatech files that Quentin Frady sees on the Renautas root directory is titled "Building 26".

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Rachel Mills heads to Building 26 to meet with Danko in his office. She finds Danko's assistant, Bob, slumped at his desk in front of Danko's office. Rachel also notices the door to Danko's office is closed, and she talks with Bob.

Shortly thereafter, Bob spots a disguised Sylar, who looks like Danko, and calls for him. Sylar shakes his head and tells Bob that he can't be bothered now, but Bob tells him of the meeting and he proceeds into Danko's office with Rachel Mills after checking his watch.

Sylar reaches out a hand to guide Rachel into a chair, and they talk for a short time. Then, Rachel tells Bob to call Dan from Internal Affairs. Dan arrives with to big security guys who stare continuously at Rachel. Dan drops a thick file on the corner of Danko's desk. Sylar stares at it and then rests a hand on it without opening it. He later interrupts Dan's interrogation, asking Dan and Rachel to get out of his office and they look back at him surprised. Sylar points out that the file is just a bunch of old requisition forms, and not evidence against Rachel as Dan claimed. He then instructs Dan to stop picking on Rachel and leaves. After some silence, Rachel and Dan briefly talk and then they both leave Danko's office as well. Rachel proceeds to her car and drives out of the building.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Rachel escapes captures from Danko and his men by teleporting from the shooting range into the hallway right outside it. She then begins running down the hallway while adding a silencer to her gun. As she runs, she notes people moving around in the rooms she is passing. An agent steps out of a hot room, backlighted by an orange glow. Rachel shoots him in and head and keeps moving without looking down. The light at the end of the hallway flickers, and Rachel approaches it. She then teleports through the massive metal door that's at the end of the hallway, a door Danko installed after the last time someone broke people out.

Finally, Rachel reaches her destination, a room with rows of bodies that stretch into the dark. The chests of the bodies rise slowly and their faces are tight. Some of the people have their eyes open, but none of them look at Rachel as she passes by them. When someone groans, Rachel turns and spots Eric Doyle. She pulls out the tube that is in his nose, and then pulls out the tubes of the man and woman next to him. Alarms go off as Rachel does this, and two agents crash through the door and begin firing.

The woman sits up just in time to get shot, and instantly dies. Her blood splatters across another bed, instantly burning through the sheets and flesh of the person laying there. Bullets hit the other man too, but they turn into sand. Eric ducks behind him as the agents continue shooting. Meanwhile, Rachel teleports behind the closest agent, whom she recognizes to be Agent Harper. He turns toward Rachel, but she disables him with a jump kick. Before landing back on the ground from her kick, Rachel teleports behind the other agent, who is shooting bullets into the other man she freed. However, the bullets are all turning into sand. The agent screams as the man grabs the agent's shoulder and disintegrates him into chunks of sand.

Rachel then grabs Eric Doyle and the other man by the arms and begins teleporting them through the building. She takes them to the roof, but when she pushes open the roof door, the helicopter has already lifted off. Rachel spots two agents sitting in an open doorway of the helicopter. A spotlight then centers on Rachel and her two friends, and Rachel shoves Eric behind Gordon to protect him. She then teleports herself up into the helicopter seconds before the two agents in the chopper begin firing machine guns at them. Seconds later, Rachel forces the shooters out the still airborne helicopter and they stop shooting. She then points her gun on the pilot and forces him to pick up her two friends and take them out of there.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Rachel wakes up tied to a chair in Building 26 after Janey Pierce had tasered her at the circus. Danko stands over her and tells her she is a disgrace to the USA and should be ashamed, but Rachel retorts that he should be ashamed for hunted people who are different, most of whom are harmless. Danko shows Rachel a picture of Linda Niles, explaining that she is the leader of Ellen and wants her killed by Rachel. Rachel says she would never kill anyone, but Danko tells her to look through the window into the next room, where Anna is drugged and tied to a table. Danko says he will kill Anna if Rachel does not kill Linda. Rachel says that she will do it. Danko releases her, telling her to talk to the "freak" in the next room.

Rachel goes to the next room to find Victor, who calls Rachel Linda. He cries for help, so Rachel tells him that everything will be okay. Rachel asks him to take her to Linda and Victor places a hand on her shoulder, shifting her out of Building 26 to his sister Valerie.

Danko speaks with Janey, who is furious that Danko let Rachel go; Janey wants revenge on Rachel for killing her brother. Danko insists that Rachel will be back soon, but Janey says it isn't good enough. Danko tells her that she can do anything she wants with Anna. The two then get word that Ricardo Silva has been captured and on his way through the building. Danko leaves, and Janey, outraged, grabs a tracer from the office and heads to Anna's room, shooting and killing several agents along the way. She frees Ricardo and places a gun in a dead agent's hands to make it look like the murders were a result of Ricardo's ability.

Janey then enters Anna's room, waking her up. Janey sits across from the table, cutting her hair and arms to scare Anna. Anna asks where Rachel is, and Janey says that she left to kill Linda Niles. Anna, shocked, says that Rachel would never do that, but Janey only laughes, telling Anna about the deal Rachel made with Danko earlier. Janey says that Rachel will never even know the truth, that Linda Niles is actaully Leona Mills, Rachel's mother. Janey then knocks Anna out once more by injecting her with the tracer and leaves Building 26.

Ricardo wakes up Anna, who is very happy to see him again. Anna is not upset that it is possible Ricardo used his power on the now dead agents in the hallway, stating that they are at war. They both rush to Victor's room to try to stop Rachel. Victor recgonizes Anna and shifts her to Valerie, Ricardo staying behind with the other fugitives.

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's first blog post, "A Message from Hiro Nakamura", he mentions how Building 26 is just a result of things that the Company has done.

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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  • According to an instant message sent by "Rebel", Building 26 is located at 283 E Street S.W. in Washington, DC.
  • The name of the building has been pronounced both "two-six" and "twenty-six".
  • Building 26 (in Coyote Sands) is where Angela and Alice received injections in 1961. (1961)


  • In real life, the given address for Building 26 (283 E Street S.W., Washington, DC), is not a listed address. An office building incorporates that address, from 2nd Street SW to 3rd Street SW.
  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, the design concept for Building 26 is that it should be "a very anonymous space that this organization moved into quickly and could move out of quickly. Almost like a boiler room where shady phone solicitations could be made from." Greg calls the design of the building the "no aesthetic-aesthetic." Ruth Ammon countered the very plain design by "creating windowed offices at the perimeters of the set... She brought in lots of practical light sources on the desks and mixed and matched them. Ruth also added "tubes of computer wiring and electrical wiring coming down from the ceiling, being twist-tied together as the lines dispersed to the various desks."

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