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User:Riddler/Uncatalyzed serum mutations

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Uncatalyzed serum mutations
A man becomes horribly mutated by the uncatalyzed formula.

When injected with an uncatalyzed strain of the serum which can grant a person abilities, a person can experience mutations.

Mohinder Suresh

Mohinder injected himself with his own version of the serum and experienced numerous mutations and abilities. His body became covered in sores and scales, his hands produced a sticky, slimy substance, and he became very aggressive. He was able to shape the slime produced into cocoons, in which he trapped three people.

Had the mutation not been stopped, four years into the future his mutation would have worsened to the point where he has an intense aversion to light and seems to have brown, scaled hands.

Alongside his mutations, Mohinder gained several enhancements to his physiology. He was much stronger and faster, could jump higher and farther, and could climb walls. After the catalyzed serum washed over his body, his mutations were eradicated and he was left with only Enhanced strength.

Elephant man

A man was injected by Mohinder with Batch 38 of the uncatalyzed serum, and showed horrible mutations. His heartbeat rose to 164 beats per minute and sustained for two hours, and severe growths and swelling form on his body. He asks Mohinder to kill him to end his pain.

David Sullivan

David was injected by Rachel Mills with an uncatalyzed strain of the serum and quickly changed in personality. In an animal like rage, he attacked Rachel, showing extreme aggression, and his eyes drastically changed in color.