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Elephant man

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Elephant man
Elephant man.jpg
Portrayed by Glen Strange
First appearance It's Coming
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death 2007

Mohinder finds a test subject into whom he injects a genetic modification formula. The test subject resembles the elephant man.

Character History

It's Coming

At the Pinehearst building, Mohinder shows his test subject to Arthur. Mohinder expresses his concern with the test going horribly wrong, causing a human to suffer. He explains that the formula needs some kind of catalyst to work correctly. Later, Mohinder apologizes to the man for putting him through such torture. The man asks to be killed, and Mohinder prepares an injection.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder autopsies the elephant man and studies some of his internal organs.


  • The name "elephant man" was never used in any episode. The character was credited as such. The name is a reference to Joseph Merrick, who was nicknamed "The Elephant Man." Merrick was given the nickname because of his deformed skin and tumors, a result of Proteus syndrome. Another reference, though perhaps coincidental, is that the man's left arm is relatively unaffected by the changes. Merrick's left arm was one of the only parts of his body that was not affected by his disease.


  • Mohinder injected his test subject with Batch 38 of the genetic modification formula at 0634 hours. The man's heart rate rose to 164 beats per minute, and sustained that rate for two hours.

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