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Hello, all you Heroes-lovin' TV buffs! I love the show Heroes! The show is great, the characters are believable and the plotline is awesome! I have always wanted to have superpowers and this show reminds me of why! My name is Randy Smith, and i am Shadowulf1. I am ___ years old, and I am of __________________ descent. My birthday is _____,______, ____________, and I live in _______, FL. I am a fan of Heroes and this web sites is so awesome for letting me show it!

  • This is not Comic Book Canon. This is a fashioning of my own imagination and should be regarded as such.

Tyr Krakskul, often simply referred to as "Krakskul" is a creature from the "Randy Universe". He is an affiliate of the Heroes of Celadon, along with Miryuho Sesshou and about sixty others. First drawn back in late fall of 2007, and edited little by little since then by aspiring artist and writer Randy Smith, also known as User:Shadowulf1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

General Information

He is of nearly-unsurpassed strength. His superendurance is impeccable and so are his fighting skills. Should one ever run across him, they should look out. He is fully aware of his abilities and is prone to violence when annoyed. the Heroes of Celadon are a band of about eighty constituents and they all possess superhuman or supernatural abilities, which they use to combat malevolent forces on Krakskul's homeworld, Celadon.



His family includes 17 brothers and 13 sisters, each named after either a god or goddess of war, a form of torture or a something otherwise unpleasant. Their names are Skrach (sister), Freit (sister), Stahb (sister), Asassynaet (sister), Slaatr (brother), Maal (brother), Myrdur (sister), Diediededd (sister), Berrei (sister), Nekbreik (brother), Bakbreik (brother), Throttl (brother), Skar (brother), Torchir (brother), Hyrt (brother), Hahrm (sister), Danjyr (brother), Paen (brother), Krushir (brother), Ares(brother), Sekhmet (sister), Bohnshattr (brother), Blüdshedd (sister), Empael (sister), Damihj (brother), Traama (sister), Maem (sister), Fier (sister), Doum (brother), Dimeisz (brother) and Ind (brother). His dog is a Draconic Hound named Gravedigr. He is the descendent of powerful warriors (they were even considered mighty in comparison to his race), named (in order of age from youngest to oldest) Deth (Grandather), Drierrei (Great Grand-Father), Dyiszmal (Great Great Grand-Father), Dethlei (Great Great Great Grand-Father), Gastlei(4x Great Grand-Father), Grousum (5x Great Grand-Father), Terrir (6x Great Grand-Father), Horrir (7x Great Grand-Father), Ehrebis (8x Great Grand-Father), Tartahris (9x Great Grand-Father) and Hel (who is his oldest ancestor, molded from the dark void Chaos), along with an assortment of various other uncles aunts, cousins and other relatives.


Home Life

Born July 25th, 1975 to Breiknek and Kyll Krakskul, Tyr Krakskul was born on Worhammr Island, a province on the planet Celadon, to a race called Warmongers, a brutish race of near-giant proportions with a lust for war and violence. Wielding vast physical powers, including that of Superstrength, above-average speed and superintelligence and a myriad of other superhuman faculties, Krakskul will pick a fight with anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere.

His closest affiliates are his family members, including 14 sisters and 17 brothers. He owns a Draconic Dog which has the ability to breathe fire and grow the features of a dragon. With his girlfriend, Miryuho Sesshou, they have a place in the land of Lethe Island where they live after their friend Randy Smith who they once escorted throughout the alien world of Celadon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Noted Adventures

It was known that he escorted a human, Randy Smith, through the land of Celadon when the boy mysteriously entered the alien world. During this time he engaged in numerous battles, encountered various odd creatures, including jinni, elves, mermaids and the like. He is known for having helped to defeat an army of Amazons, tangling with a Guardian Serpent, sailing the high seas while evading the allure of the beautiful but deadly Sirens, discovering islands of countless mysteries. It is known that he even once traveled to Frostflame Island, which is known for being ruled by the Elemental Titans of Fire and Ice. This is where he learned that the boy Randy, who he was escorting home, had favor with the Equivales, a race of peace-bringers who police the world of Celadon.

He has been to Gandrei, the urban part of Celadon, and there he and his girlfriend Miryuho met Randy. He has been to Illyrion, where he engaged in a short-lived battle soon stopped by an Equivale. He has been to Sciops, caught in a violent windstorm of massive proportions, where he met Kazijin, an elemental with the power of aerokinesis. In Arboralia, the enchanted realm of Celadon, he met the Jinx named Isidisia, who had the power to manipulate probability and luck. She accompanied him from there. He then traveled to the Forests of Safria and battled the Amazons along with his friends. In Mygea, he tangled with a powerful mummy and met Roxy, a powerful psychic human with the power of terrakinesis. He later went to Habador, where he scaled a mountain from the inside an traveled out to the sea. On the sea, he was greeted by a strange creature called Sephiroth after almost being killed by Sirens and before being almost killed by Scylla and Charybdis. From there, he went to Frostflame Island, where he watched the war between the Ice and Fire Sides. Then He ventured off into the mysterious and beautiful Lethe Island, to the Hub, which is the portal to all worlds. After trying the portal to Candyland, he only tried one more portal before reaching home for the boy Randy Smith.

One time, he even traveled to the Kromos Islands, where he met Madam Rehd, Madam Blou and Madam Grene, three of the most powerful creatures of their species (they can manipulate anything that is red, blue or green, respectively, hence their names). However, he traveled to the Gray Island of the Kromos Islands, which negated his powers as well as the powers of the rest of the Heroes of Celadon. This is one of the only times when Krakskul has ever been truly disabled or powerless. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Powers and Abilities

Most of Karkskul's powers are physical,including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance, senses, reflexes,agility and accuracy.

Physical Abilities At maximum capacity, Krakskul can lift over 50,000 pounds. He can run for miles without getting tired,and at about 65 mph.,when at maximum capacity. Krakskul could withstand the force of a bomb,and could regenerate easily from the little damage he does sustain. His senses are so acute, that he can discern the identity of a specific person or substance simply through his senses of touch, taste, hearing or smell,with acute reflexes to match. His agility is just over average, but his accuracy is so good,that he can mimic nearly any physical movement simply by observing it once. Not to mention, he has the ability to absorb kinetic energy, turn it into reuseable energy, and send it back at foes with equal force. He can even curl himself into a ball,and while in a ball, roll at high speeds,and bounce off of certain surfaces with little to no pain. Krakskul can also eat through nearly substance,and has an immunity to poisons.

Mental Abilities His physical abilities are amazing, but Krakskul is not entirely brute strength and dense-muscled fortitude. He is extremely intelligent,and a wonderful tactician, with a great mind for battle strategy. Along with these,however, he has the ability to psychically induce fear in weaker-minded foes, and to match the capacity of people with similar abilities. If one had super strength or any other ability that he also had, but of a greater magnitude than Krakskul's, he could psychically match the capacity of their superstrength or whatever other ability that they had. He can even resist telepathy and fight in a trance-like state that allows him to rejuvenate himself at the same time. This same trance-like state even allows him to control his own metabolism, and to give himself a psychic version of an adrenaline rush. Formerly,however,this same trance allowed him to subconsciously speak any language.

User:Shadowulf1 23:36, 20 September 2008 (EDT)

34 Krakskul.jpg
“No. I am not human. I am 10’6, and 985 pounds. I have white hair with pointed ears and my eyes are not brown or green or blue; they’re orange. Do I look human to you?”
Portrayed by Randy Smith
First appearance August 8
In-story stats
Known abilities Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Acuity, Enhanced Dexterity, Rapid cell regeneration, Pain Immunity, Poison Immunity, Metabolic Control, Matter Ingestion, Kinetic Conversion, Kinetic Absorption, Kinetic Backlash, Rollout, False Cognition, Telepathic Immunity, Psychic Intimidation, Juxtaposition, Psychic Hypertroph


Formal name Tyr Krakskul
Alias Your Doom
Nicknames "Run, it's him!"
Age 32
Date of birth July 25, 1975
Date of death Ha... that's funny.
Home Celadon
Occupation Warrior
Significant other Miryuho
Parents Breiknek Krakskul (Father), Kyll Krakskul (Mother)
Ward Graevdigr (Dog)
Siblings Skrach Krakskul (sister), Freit Krakskul (sister), Stahb Krakskul (sister), Asassynaet Krakskul (sister), Slaatr Krakskul (brother), Maal Krakskul (brother), Myrdur Krakskul (sister), Diediededd Krakskul (sister), Berrei Krakskul (sister), Nekbreik Krakskul (brother), Bakbreik Krakskul (brother), Throttl Krakskul (brother), Skar Krakskul (brother), Torchir Krakskul (brother), Hyrt Krakskul (brother), Hahrm Krakskul (sister), Danjyr Krakskul(brother), Paen Krakskul (brother), Krushir Krakskul (brother), Ares Krakskul (brother), Sekhmet Krakskul (sister), Bohnshattr Krakskul (brother), Empael Krakskul (sister), Damihj Krakskul (brother), Traama Krakskul (sister), Maem Krakskul (sister), Fier Krakskul (sister), Doum Krakskul (brother), Dimeisz Krakskul (brother), Ind Krakskul (brother)
Link: User:Shadowulf1/Celadon| User:Shadowulf1- Archive: The Poet's List of Superhuman Abilities| Fan powers/Archive

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