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Adoptive muscle memory

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Adoptive muscle memory
Adoptive muscle memory.jpg
Monica replicates a difficult gymnastics move.
Held by: Monica Dawson
Ability to: Replicate any physical action
Examples of adoptive muscle memory

Adoptive muscle memory, also referred to as muscle mimicry, is the ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once.



Monica's ability requires that she actually sees the action performed, though not necessarily in person. Monica is able to use her ability with or without active concentration. She has cut a tomato into a rose without consciously thinking about it while watching the said action. Monica was also surprised after she performed a wrestling move against a robber instinctively. Also, in Fight or Flight, she states that she's unable to play the piano while playing the piano. Micah realized Monica was playing before she realized it herself.

It is currently not clear whether Monica retains an acquired skill permanently or "forgets" it after a period of time.

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"I shouldn't be able to do this. I saw it on TV."

- Monica (Fight or Flight)


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