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Cora Karbonic
Mrs bennet.jpg
First appearance Chapter 2
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced strength
Formal name Cora Lynn Karbonic
Nickname Grandma
Age 83
Date of birth August 5, 1925
Place of birth Farmington, Connecticut
Date of marriage 1948
Home Shanghai, China
Residence Apartment
Occupation Company
Significant other Unknown
Parent Unknown
Child Diane Grunwald
Grandchild Dylan Grunwald
Amanda Grunwald (deceased)
Scott Grunwald
Garrett Anderson
Kenny King (deceased)
Shanetta King (deceased)
Other relatives Son In-Law
Daniel Grunwald (deceased)

Cora Karbonic is an evolved human with enhanced strength. Her ability allows her to lift and throw heavier objects that a normal person could not. She is the grandmother of Dylan, Garrett, Scott, and Amanda and the mother of Diane. She is living with her friend Terri, who is a geneticist. She gives Dylan advice and wisdom on his journeys. She was about to confront Garrett and Dylan, but then witnessed Dylan blow up and left Garrett alone.