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Kenny King
Portrayed by Kenny King
First appearance Chapter 1
In-story stats
Known ability Freezing
Formal name Kenny Daevon King
Nickname Ice Boy
Age 14
Date of birth March 29, 1994
Place of birth Okinawa, Japan
Date of death 2009
Home Okinawa, Japan
Residence Mobile Home
Occupation Primatech
Significant other Shatoqua
Parents James King (deceased), Masayo King (deceased)
Grandparent Cora Karbonic
Edward Grunwald (deceased)
Guardian Shanetta King
Sibling Shanetta King
Other relatives Cousins
Dylan Grunwald
Scott Grunwald
Amanda Grunwald
Garrett Anderson
Diane Grunwald
Daniel Grunwald

Kenny King is an evolved human with the ability to rapidly drop the temperature of anything he touches, causing it to freeze. He is the cousin of the Dylan, Scott, Amanda, and Garrett and the nephew of Diane and Daniel. He lives with his sister in Japan and is struggling with his [ability]]. He has killed someone without meaning to and is trying to adjust to this new lifestyle. He helps Dylan save the world whenever he can.

He was killed by Garrett who took his ability

Character History

Evolved Human Abilities

Kenny's ability allows him to freeze anything he touches and also to shoot ice blasts from his hands when he focuses his power.





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