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Libby Chang
Portrayed by Unkknown
First appearance 'Did You Ever Get The Feeling?'
In-story stats
Known ability Emotive ability manipulation
Formal name Elizabeth Leticia Chang
Age 27
Date of birth September 7th, 1979.
Place of birth Shanghai, China
Date of marriage Unknown
Occupation former Comic book store worker
Significant other formerly Adam Monroe

Libby Chang is a Chinese-born, Australian-raised evolved human with the ability to change her ability depending on the strong emotions she is feeling at the time. She knew nothing of her parentage, but discovered that she was used as a test subject by Dr. Zimmerman after he was forced into working for The Company again. She became determined to take down The Company, eventually meeting, falling in love with, and marrying Adam Monroe. She learnt of his fate, and then went on the run from Danko and Nathan Petrelli. She is currently in hiding with Kimiko Nakamura at Usutu's hut.

Character History

(Note: The following storyline takes place from the end of Volume One).

Did You Ever Get The Feeling?

Libby, a worker at Sam's Comics in Melbourne, Australia, is visited by Noah Bennet, a mole inside the company. He tells her that the Company is coming back to claim what was once theirs, and that she should get away as fast as possible. She then manifests her ability for the first time, giving her the ability to sense whether Noah is telling the truth. She finds out that he is, and tries to make sense of what he is trying to tell her. Noah reminds her that "they" are coming, and then leaves. On the way home, Libby gets pulled over for speeding, and, when speaking to a police officer, begs him to let her go. Much to her surprise, he obeys her command almost instantaneously, and lets her go. When she finally arrives at her house, a man waiting outside introduces himself. He says his name is Adam Monroe.

The Way Things Were

Libby is taken by Adam to a safe house, where the Company cannot come after her. He tells her that she needs to be strong, as some incredible things that she cannot possibly begin to understand are going to happen to her, and she needs to get through it. For four months, she and Adam travel around the world, using her varous different abilities to avoid the law. She finds, slowly, that she is falling in love with him. On the spur of the moment, he proposes to her, and they get married at a church in New York. However, after their wedding, she finds that she is regularly having nightmares about The Company torturing her foster family in an attempt to find out where she is. She is adamant that these are visions, but Adam convinces that they are just dreams, and that she can never go back.

The Uncredited Saviour

Adam leaves to go to Montreal, and she does not see or hear from him ever again. She hears about the shooting of Nathan Petrelli on television, and remembers that Adam knew his parents. He goes to Odessa, Texas, in order to find out more about where Adam is. She watches as Peter cries over his brother's body, and, using newfound control over her ability, allows him to unknowingly absorb the ability to heal others, effectively saving his brother's life. She then learns, through eavesdropping on a conversation between Peter and his mother that Adam Monroe was buried alive by Hiro Nakamura. She goes to dig up his grave, only to find that he is already gone.

Strung Like a Puppet

After the breakout of Level 5 detainees, Libby is kidnapped by Eric Doyle as a source of entertainment. She eventually manages to escape using healing, but plants the idea in his head that he could become a good person. Later, she goes to Haiti to find that a man named Baron Samedi, who had been captured and detained, has escaped for the second time, and is exacting his revenge on his own men rather those that were actually responsible. She effortlessly recaptures him, using a mixture of his own ability, and the ability to exhale toxic gas into the air, to which his impentrable skin was not immune. She delivers him to Pinehearst in an attempt to work against Primatech in any way possible.


Libby unknowlingly becomes a prime target of Danko and Nathan Petrelli in their attempt to hunt down people with abilities. She uses a new ability, that to sense abilities, to discover that Danko can actually negate powers. She also finds out using telepathy that he isn't actually aware of his ability. He then unknowingly taps into the ability, rendering any defence she had against him useless. She is taken, and is boarded onto Flight 195. During the flight, she is unmasked by Claire Bennet and Peter, but is not untied. She heals during the aftermath of the crash, and escapes without anyone noticing.

Strangers in Desperation

She finds a safe haven in the old hut of Usutu, and meets Kimiko Nakamura, the sister of the man that killed her husband. She learns that Kimiko has the ability to manipulate sound, similar to that of Jesse Murphy. However, she has advanced her ability so that she can also persuade people to do what she commands, coincidentally one of the first abilities Libby used. Libby realises that she shouldn't blame Kimiko for Hiro's mistakes, and the two stay in hiding, waiting to make a move.

Evolved Human Abilities

Libby possesses emotive ability manipulation, the ability to change abilities at will. Originally, this only depended on her emotions, but she has recently managed to take control of this and use abilities that she chooses, rather than automatically.