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BD Barlow
BD Barlow.jpg
Portrayed by Chris Evans
In-story stats
Known ability Power mimicry
Known permanent powers:
Electric manipulation
Fear absorption and enhancement
Rapid cell regeneration
Formal name Benjamin Dominic Barlow
Nicknames True Blue Brooklynite, BD, Benny
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
Residences formerly a single family house in Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Drifter and Hero
Parent Carter Barlow (father)
Martha Barlow née Masterson (mother)
Other relatives Bryan Masterson (cousin)
Gino Masterson (cousin)

BD Barlow is an evolved human with the power of mimicking other evolve human's powers those around him within a certain range, as well as accessing five permanent mimicked powers.

Character History

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Benjamin Dominic Barlow, better known as BD or Benny to his friends, was unsure how it happened when he discovered his power.

One day when he was heading from school, he was almost robbed and held up at gun point where he would be demanded for his money. Instead of pulling out his wallet, he felt something strange occur as he had shot out a blue blast from his hand and it had shocked the criminal, but he would be quickly subdued after felt his fear and quickly become stronger and faster to enable him in knocking out the criminal.

Although it had personally stunned BD, not knowing he had began to manifest and possessed the ability of mimicking other evolve people's powers, it did however let him be seen as both a hero, which the media had dubbed him a True Blue Brooklynite, as well as a possible threat to the public at large. Leaving his home and saying good-bye to his parents, BD set out to wonder from city to city and being a hero.

Evolved Human Abilities


BD is able to the mimic powers of any evolved human he choices within a certain range of him, which is usually within a mile radius of him. He was able to access his power almost subconsciously but know is able to do it at his own free will. However he will begin to lose his duplicated abilities once he is out of range of the owner, stops using them, or is powerless caused from ability negation pills or The Haitian's power.

Permanent Powers

If BD had spent a long time in using a power of an evolved human, their power is copied to BD's power mimicry, almost like he was downloading their power, and therefor allowing him to retain the power permanently.