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True Blue Brooklynite
Sex Male
Age 22
Date of birth 1986
Home Brooklyn
Favorite Heroes quote
"The sonovabitch is thinking in Japanese!" - Matt Parkman
"Objection your honor, he's reciting the opening to Quantum Leap." - Adam Monroe
Favorite color Blue
Favorite episode Most of the Volume Four episodes, especially the last two
Brave New World
Favorite graphic novel Into the Wild
Favorite actor Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis, and Gary Oldman
Favorite Heroes actor Jack Coleman
Greg Grunberg
Robert Knepper
Malcolm McDowell
Ray Park
Adrian Pasdar
Zachary Quinto
and Milo Ventimiglia
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Taylor Cole
Hayden Panettiere
and Missy Peregrym
Favorite character Claire Bennet
Noah Bennet
Elle Bishop
Rachel Mills
Matt Parkman
Peter Petrelli
Samuel Sullivan
and Sylar
Least favorite character Bob Bishop and Arthur Petrelli
Favorite power Healing
Healing factor
Impenetrable skin
Mental manipulation
Power mimicry mrk. I and Power mimicry mrk. II
Strong as a Knox
Super speed
and Telepathy
Favorite sport Wrestling
US I am from the United States

About Me

Hello, I'm from Brooklyn as you could tell by my user name, I've been a fan of Heroes since the start of the second season and had caught up on things by reading through the wiki site. Although I do love Heroes, my other favorite show is on at the same time 24 but thanks to the wonders of Hulu I am about able to catch up on both shows if I have missed something.

My Contributions


A wiki profile shot for Rachel Mills.

Characters I've Created

Created Powers

To-Do List

  • To create a fan made series named Heroes: Reborn and write up "episodes" for it, starting at end of the Carnival arc (thus making it a fan made Season 5), and using my characters and other known Heroes characters.