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Bento Wolfe
Bento Wolfe.jpg
Portrayed by Jay Hernandez
In-story stats
Known ability Ferocity
Formal name Bento Raúl Rodrigues
Nickname The Wolfman
Age 31
Date of birth 1978
Place of birth Bronx, New York
Home Bronx, New York
Residence formerly an apartment near Times Square
Occupation Former college student
Parents Victor Rodrigues (father; deceased),
Isabel Rodrigues (mother; deceased)

Bento Wolfe is an evolved human with the ability of becoming more feral and animalistic.

Character History

Bento Wolfe had a normal childhood growing up in Bronx, New York. Bento's name comes from the Portuguese form of "Benedict" meaning "blessed". Even though he lived in a rough and poor housing complex, Bento was given a full education by his parents. Bento lived like any normal person, until his ability manifested.

On October 1, 2006, having enough money saved up for one of his college classes trip, Bento went to Romania with some of his classmates. During this trip Bento, having gotten lost from his classmates, had stopped and looked up into the sky, seeing an eclipse occurring and watched it for a few moments.

However once it was over, Bento was began feeling sick from sudden changes occurring in his body. Near death when he was found by one of classmates, Bento was taken to the hospital where they found nothing was wrong with him only Bento awoke and violently attacked everyone in his path until he was fully sedated.

Several weeks later, Bento began to feel the same changes occur and occurring on nights when the moon was clear, wondering why he was changing into some sort of animal while still being human. In the process one of these episodes, Bento had accidentally killed his folks and was shot by police officers in order to subdue him but Bento had lived and escaped into the wild, becoming the animal.

Evolved Human Abilities


Bento's ability is literally becoming an wild, feral animal and becoming similar to werewolf, sharing traits in and out of his animalistic form. Bento's primary part of his Ferocity is that his five senses have been greatly enhanced, especially his sense of smell and hearing.

Because of his power, he has different byproducts from his ability pertaining from other animal traits. Bento is able to reach up to a running speed of a cheetah. He is also physically more stronger and durable then someone and could use that strength to perform long jumps and, through unknown means, Bento is able to heal from any injury.


  • Bento's animalistic nature is largely inspired by werewolves and Wolverine.