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Held by: Bento Wolfe
Ability to: To become more feral and animalistic in nature

Ferocity is the ability into becoming more feral and animalistic in nature.



Bento's ability is literally becoming an wild, feral animal and becoming similar to werewolf, sharing traits in and out of his animalistic form. Bento's primary part of his Ferocity is that his five senses have been greatly enhanced, especially his sense of smell and hearing.

Because of his power, he has different byproducts from his ability pertaining from other animal traits. Bento is able to reach up to a running speed of a cheetah. He is also physically more stronger and durable then someone and could use that strength to perform long jumps and, through unknown means, Bento is able to heal from any injury.

See Also

  • To see the similar ability that causes others to become aggressive, see primal rage.
  • To see the synthetic similar ability, which the user becomes furious and not others, see David's ability.