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User:Uncanny474/Weapon creation

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Weapon creation
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Held by: Joseph Kentz
Ability to: Create weapons

Weapons creation is the ability to create weapons.


Melee Weapons

Joseph creates close combat weapons of all types--switchblades, a variety of knives, and on rare occasions, exotic weapons, such as kukri or kamas.

Projectile Weapons

Joseph can create projectile weapons, as well. He usually creates handguns, but occasionally creates other weapons, such as handbows.


Joseph has, a couple of times, created grenades and other small explosives. He is limited to minor explosives, such as hand grenades, and barred from high explosives (of any volume), such as C4.


Joseph can only create objects whose primary use is as weapons. He could not create a shovel, because its primary purpose is digging, not killing.

Joseph can (as of now) only create weapons that are used in one hand. Butcher knife and smaller is his limit for melee weapons (although a butcher knife is meant for cutting meat, not killing, and couldn't be created using this power) and pistols and smaller/less complicated for ranged weapons.