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I'm Uncanny474. Fear my wrath.

Portrayed by I'm not telling you!!!
First appearance N/A
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Sir Dr. Reverend Mr. Uncanny 474, PhD, MD, FYI (kidding)
Alias The dark but not quite black knight who's really more of a dusty grey.
Nicknames Uncanny, Mr. Awesome, Hey, you,
Age Now, that would be telling
Date of birth If I'm not going to tell you my age, why would I tell you my DOB?
Place of birth America
Date of marriage None
Date of death N/A
Home Everywhere (the Interwebs)
Residence The Interwebs
Occupations Editor for several Wikis, including Heroes Wiki, Professor of Star Wars History at the University of Ardent
Significant other None
Parent 2
Grandparent 4
Child None
Grandchild None
Sibling A few
Other relatives Several


Besides my analytical mind, I loooooove to consider theoreticals. For instance, how far can TK go? How far can Telepathy, for that matter? What if Danko had killed Nathan (Shades of Grey)? What if...



I may have Intuitive aptitude. I fixed my mom's watch once. Then again, it was just putting the back on, but...

I also may have Wind Amplification. This is a fancy name for the ability to make the wind blow harder (please, no jokes!). I have demonstrated this ability on a few occasions, but they may have just been coincidences. I must conduct further testing.

How I Learned I Have Wind Amplification

This is the story of how I learned about my Wind Amplification. It's a doozy, and it's still in progress (once again, I'm still testing it)


I first learned of this when (as I periodically do) I was testing myself for superpowers in the middle of a really boring class (Marketing). I was sitting by the window in one of the computer labs, when a slight breeze came through. It was a hot day, and I was sweating, so I liked that little breeze. I wanted it to be a bit bigger, though. So I closed my eyes, and thought very hard about making that little breeze big. I didn't think it would work, after my humongous failure at Space-time manipulation, but it was worth a shot. Lo and behold, the little breeze became big, and I opened my eyes. The big breeze shrunk. But the most interesting aspect of this ability was my instinctive ability to use it. It seems (I suspected this the first day and have proved a correlation through testing) that I must hold my hands a certain way to use it. This instinct is another case-in-point for the possibility of Intuitive aptitude.


My first test was conducted im my brother's room. I had learned about this power a few days ago and decided to try it again. So, we opened a window and, luckily, there was a breeze. I concentrated, and the curtains on my brother's window began to dance. Once I stopped concentrating, the wind died down.

Results of testing: Firstly, there must be a breeze. I have confirmed this several times. Secondly, it must be local. I had a failed test over the phone with a friend that confirmed this. Thirdly, I must hold my hands a certain way, and focus. Finally, there is sometimes a time delay in the activation of the power and my concentration. Hopefully, this power will evolve, but if it doesn't, oh well. At least Nathan and Danko aren't going to come for me anytime soon.

Harvey Jeffries

Harvey Jeffries was my entry in the Cockney Heroes Competition. He ended up losing, but he he now is appearing in the Heroes: Survival Game and several RPs on 9th Wonders. A link to him can be found in the title of this section.

Joseph Kentz

Joseph Kentz is my character who hangs out at the Angry Skunk Bar and Underground Lines bar on 9th Wonders. He has the ability to create weapons.

Karina Valez

Karina Valez is a character created for Underground Lines, to suppliment Joseph Kentz, who is frozen right now.


If I knew of a page that needed my attention that people aren't already swarming over, I'd work on that, but...

In the meantime, I will focus my efforts on concentrating the useless information of the world into the articles it deserves.

Enim Gloriae Quidnonique

--Uncanny474 20:03, 13 June 2009 (EDT)

Ardent Forever