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In the Beginning...
Season: One
Episode number: 01
First aired: August 08, 2009
Written by: Vampirate68
Next episode: Introductions
Can we escape our fathers sins? Can we become a different person? Or are we naturally prone to the same mistakes, the same evils? Can the son of a sinner become a saint? Two brothers, striving to be heroes, must figure out who they really are. This is the story of twins trying to become something in this confusing, twisted, evil world. But what will they become? How will the world shape them?


  • Two twins fight crime and run into some trouble
  • A mysterious deal results in the death of a doctor and a confrontation between a women and an organization

Story Development

Adam Monroe · Heidi Franks · Rapid cell regeneration · Adam Monroe Jr. · Luke Monroe · Electric manipulation · Brandon Beck · Telekinesis · Nathaniel Hall · Enhanced Strength · Nina Ramirez · Alexx · Fire Mimicry



Adam Monroe and his girlfriend, Heidi Franks walked down the lonely New York street. The couple had just exited a night club and were heading home for the night.

She was 18, fresh out of high school, and madly in love.

He was desperate to get away.

He knew that it was morally wrong to be doing what he was doing with her, but Adam figured it really wouldn't go anywhere. But now she complained about getting morning sickness. If he had gotten her pregnant, that was his cue to leave. And that's exactly what he planned to do.

As they walked down the street, the couple noticed a man walking towards them. Just as they were about to pass each other, the man whipped out a gun.

“Give me all your money!”

“Very well sir.” Adam acted very calm as he handed him the money. The man grabbed the cash and looked it over.

“Give me all her money too!”

“'ve taken mine...let her go.” He reached for the man's arm, but the man panicked, the gun going off several times. Adam screamed as three of the bullets hit him in the chest. He fell the ground, blood spattering all over Heidi. She screamed and took off down the street, screaming for help.

The man stood over Adam, looking down at him. Making sure that Heidi was gone, the man knelt down next to him. “She's gone.”

Adam cocked one eye open. “Good.” He slowly got to his feet, coughing up the bullets as he went. “Thanks man. I don't know what I would have done without you.”

“Anytime Adam.”

“God I love being able to do that.” The two men chuckled. Adam looked down at the ground. “I hope she has a good life. I didn't mean to make her fall in love.”

“Lets get out of here before the cops show up.” He pointed to a car, and with a flick of his wrist, the doors flew open.

“For sure!” The two men raced into the car, leaving the bloodied street and the pregnant Heidi behind forever.


Luke Monroe and his brother Adam sat on the ledge of a building. They had been sitting here for two hours, waiting. There was a weapons deal about to go down and they were going to put a stop to it.

They had always wanted to be heroes as little kids, as they had been raised hearing stories of the heroic way their father had sacrificed himself for her. This need intensified when the two brothers developed “powers”. Adam Jr. discovered he could heal rapidly from any wound and Luke discovered that he could shoot arcs of electricity out of his hands. They had decided slightly after their mother died of cancer that they would rid the world of evil.

And that's why they were here on top of this building.

“Luke...Luke...Luke!” Adam whispered to his brother.


“Can you see anything?” Luke looked over the ledge. The van was sitting in the corner of the alley, silently running. A car suddenly pulled into the alley.

“Yeah. The buyers just pulled in.” Two men exited the car, one reaching over and opening the back seat door. A tall young woman exited the car through that door. “I'm wondering if this is even the right deal...”


“There's some lady here. I've never seen her before. I don't think that any of the local syndicates are run by a woman...” The van's doors opened up and a man jumped out. He was average height and had curly gray hair. In his left hand he carried a metal case, in the other he carried a large bag.

“Are you sure this is a weapons deal?”

“That's what our intel said. Why?”

“We don't have any of our usual players...nor do we have any weapons.” The man shook hands with the girl and they both headed over to the hood of the car. Placing the metal case on the hood, he opened it up. He reached in carefully and took out a large syringe.

“I really don't think this is a weapons deal. They have a case full of syringes.”

“Do you still want to bust it up?”

“It doesn't look legal...whatever it is they're selling.” Luke nodded to Adam and they both leaped off of the side of the building. As Adam slammed into the ground with a horrible crunch, Luke shot the ground with a bolt of electricity, allowing him to land the jump. The group of people immediately whipped around, taking out their guns.

“Why hello there.” Luke walked towards them, bouncing a bolt of electricity between his hands. Several men backed up, a few even running away. Adam, snapping his leg back into place and healing, waved.

“Who are you ?” The woman asked. Adam grunted as he snapped his arm into socket.

“We're here to stop you.” Luke was a little scared that the woman and man didn't panic when they saw Adam and himself display their powers. This might be a hard mission.

“You have no idea what you're getting involved with.”

“Really? It looks pretty obvious to me.” The woman and the man chuckled.

“When will they learn?” The man asked the woman. Suddenly there was a loud gunshot and one of the men in the front of the group fell to the ground dead.

“When will you learn?” Everyone whipped around. Behind them stood four men. The lead man stepped forward, gun raised.

“They followed you Beck. Goddammit!” The woman screeched at her friend.

“I didn't-” Beck was cut off by the intruder.

“Shut up. All of you. Hands up!” The woman turned to him and gave him a devilish smile.

“Manuel Ramirez. How are things? And I see you brought your little strongman Nathaniel.” The man closest to Ramirez glared at her.

“Shut up Alexx! You're not escaping today!” Ramirez shouted. Luke leaned over to Adam.

“Cops? If it is...we're screwed.”

“No...I don't think so.” Ramirez looked back at them.

“You two! Over here, now!” Luke looked around. Finally he looked back at himself.

“You mean us?” The man growled.

“Yes! Over here now!” He waved the gun towards the rest of the people.

“We're not with-”

“NOW!” The two brothers rushed over.

“Brandon, how could have you sold us out like that?” Ramirez yelled at Beck.

“Don't you see? The Doctor was right all along! He will make the world a better place!”

“So you went behind the Company's back? I thought you believe in us!”

“The Company is broken, it's corrupt. The Doctor will bring peace! The Doctor will bring change!” Ramirez shook his head.

“Okay boys, round them up. We'll take the powered ones back to Level 5, the rest we'll just keep in some spare rooms.” The men started to gather the people into a group.

Luke looked over at one of the men. “Who are these people?”

“Quiet!” Ramirez shouted. Brandon began to mumble to himself, obviously getting panicked. Nathaniel came closer to him, attempting to put handcuffs on him when Brandon freaked. In one swift motion, he flung Nathaniel into a wall without touching him. Suddenly the alley broke out into shouts and movement.

“Contain them! Contain them!” Ramirez shouted. But it was no use. Most of his agents had been overrun, running off into the night. Brandon Beck started punching Nathaniel in the face, screaming at him about change and peace. Nathaniel, getting his senses back, growled and picked Brandon up by the next.

“They don't call me strongman for nothing!” Nathaniel hurled Brandon across the alley, his body hitting the wall with a sickening crunch.

Luke and Adam looked at the mob of people fighting. “Is this our cue to leave?”

“I would take it as such.” The two brothers backed up, watching the group duke it out. As soon as they made sure the coast was clear, they took off around the corner.

As they rounded the corner, a burst of flames suddenly erupted in front of them out of a burn barrel. “Oh god!” Luke leaped back.

The flames slowly morphed into Alexx. “You boys didn't think I was going to let you leave, did you?” She laughed evilly and lifted up her hands, fire engulfing them.

“We were kind of hoping...” Luke electrified his hands. Just as Alexx began to turn the rest of her body into flames and leap towards them, she screamed and fell to the ground. A Latino girl stood behind her, a freshly fired taser in her hand. She looked up at the two men.

“You can thank me later.”

“Wha-” Adam was cut off by a heavy smack to his head. Luke whirled around, only to be met by the same force. The last thing the two brothers saw was Nathaniel and Ramirez looking over them. They passed out of consciousness shortly after.

“Good job Nina.” Nathaniel said the girl. “You're getting as good as your father.” He said, nodding to Manuel.

“Honey, I told you to stay at the complex.” Manuel told his daughter.

“I can't let you have all the fun, now can I?” Manuel chuckled.

“Well, lets get these prisoners out of here. We especially need to look after these two.” He pointed towards the two brothers.

Sons of Adam edit

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