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Season: One
Episode number: 02
First aired: August 26, 2009
Written by: Vampirate68
Previous episode: In the Beginning...
Next episode: Criminal Minds


  • Adam and Luke awake in a strange facility
  • A man with a powerful ability invades the same facility.
  • A prophecy is revealed which could have dire consequences for two brothers but could also destroy an evil man.

Story Development

David Walters · Heather Scharer · Precognition · Energy Blasts


Luke and Adam
A Unknown Facility

Luke sat up, his head pounding. Where was he? Looking up, he noticed that the room was almost completely dark, the only light coming from a small lamp on the other side of the room. Adam Jr sat next to it, staring off into space. Looking down at his watch, he read the time. "Wow...I've been out more than a day."

"Yeah, I know." Adam said.

"When did you wake up?"

"Shortly after we got here. Haven't slept at all." This was nothing special. Adam rarely slept. He didn't really know if it was his ability or just a natural thing, but he just didn't want to sleep.

"Any idea where we are?"

"Not really. All I know is that we're in some kind of prison with other "special" people like us"

"Hm...well, we've been in worse situations."

"No Luke, this is as bad as it gets."


"Well-" Adam was cut off by the lights in the room suddenly went on. "Oh boy!" The two twins covered there eyes. The door to there cell opened with a grinding sound.

"Hello" Adam was the first to recover and looked up. There stood the girl who had tasered the female dealer.

"Hello." She shut the door behind her and grabbed a chair from the corner, pulling it near them.

"My name is Nina. I'm sorry for the room, it's not very nice. But we really don't have any nice rooms here."The twins looked at each other.

"Yeah, maybe the room isn't the only thing you should apologize for." The girl looked at Adam strangely." The whole 'knocking us out and dragging us here against our will' thing?"

"Oh, sorry about that, but we couldn't be too careful when it comes to such matters. We needed to make sure you weren't one of the others."

"How do you know we're not?"

"We have our methods."

"Where are we? You're obviously not government."

"Good eye. We're the Company. We're a private organization that keeps our eyes out for anything suspicious involving evolved humans."

"I see. Why take us? We didn't do anything to you."

"We just wanted to get to know you better, just in case you start killing people some day. If you could just answer some questions."

Manuel Ramirez and Heather Scharer
Outside Adam and Luke's Cell

"They're Monroe's alright. They look just like Adam." Manuel said, looking in through the window. The woman behind him walked up to him.

"What do you suggest we do with them?"

"What would you have me do with them Heather? If we let them go, we give them opportunities to figure out information on their father and we can't let them do that."

"But if we let them start working for us we doom them. You've seen my drawings. You know how this ends."

"I know. But it's the only chance we've got if we want to take the Doctor down."

"You would sacrifice two men to stop another? We could erase their minds, make sure they don't remember any of this. We could let them go yet."

"No. The Doctor must be stopped. They're staying." Manuel walked away.

"You know I can't go along with this." Manuel stopped. Without looking back he responded.

"Then consider your service to us terminated."

Unknown Person
Elsewhere in the Facility

The man ran through the facility, sword in hand. His mission: Take out the guards and rescue the target. The man would not fail.

Running around the corner, the man noticed three guards. Seconds before they noticed him, he flung his sword in the lead ones chest. The other two, trying to pull out their guns, were killed by two large energy blasts that came out of the attacker's hands. Their bodies laid on the floor, sizzling and smoking as the man ran off.

He skidded to a halt right in front of a door, sheathed his sword, and opened it. It was a empty office. Good. That would give him time to contact the others. Putting down his sword, he pulled out a strange mechanical device. Pushing a button on the side of it, the light on top started flashing. The others would be coming shortly.

Making sure that the hallway was empty, the man ran out. The cells were close, very close.

Nathaniel Hall
Security Room

Nathaniel reclined in his chair, staring at the large monitors. Security detail was one of his least favorite jobs he had to do. Nathaniel preferred to be in the fight, rather than watching it. Thank god he was just doing it for the night.

Taking out a bag of chips, he began to carefully inspect each screen. There was nothing unusual going on in the hallways. The most interesting thing was Agent Baker talking to himself. Shaking his head, he went back to his crossword puzzle.

Suddenly their was a flash on one of his screens. Looking up, saw a man a black shape firing blasts of bright light at several guards. "'s Walters." He quickly hit the silent alarm and ran over to the phone. "Ramirez? Yeah, it's Nathan. David Walters is in the building."


Sons of Adam edit

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