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Fan Input

Hey if you have read Cockney Heroes and enjoy/Love/Like the novel then its your lucky day.We have 3 prizes for you.

1. Get to write an episode, guest appearance and get to join series as a recurring character

2. Guest appearance, Write a episode

3. Guest appearance

The way you can win these FAB prizes are:

  • Make up your own character, choose their name, whether they are good or evil and what they look like.
  • Make up a new ability to give them, this is very important, originality wins.

Remember that you have till May 1st, there can only be 1 winner.

So if you like the series get in touch with either me (Gabriel Bishop) Rob (Irony) or Karl (Laughingdevilboy) or write here. Thanks and good luck...

Comp Entry

Attention: The competition is closed

User name Character Ability
Steelymcbeam Jack Hydrokinesis
Obelisk52 Leckie Possibility Absorption
Radicell Mr. Shark Object replication
cj31094 along time ago he was jhon smith now he goes by the name of ivory rapid cell regeneration , techopaty and fourth wall breaking