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Vincent Mortimer

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Vincent Mortimer
Book Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death June 13, 2015
Home Illinois
Occupation Highway Patrolman
Significant other Avril

Vincent Mortimer was a highway patrolman on I-57 until he had a run-in with Luke and Joanne Collins.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Vincent has given a quote to the Marion County Sentinel, extolling the virtues of speed traps on I-57. Mortimer notes that most people know not to speed on the road, but a few tourists think the law doesn't apply to them. He confidently says that law enforcement officials "show them the error of their ways".

On the night of June 13, 2015, Patrolman Mortimer is ready to sign off, but Luke and Joanne Collins's station wagon speeds by going 93 MPH. Mortimer doesn't quite understand why "these fools" ignore the speed warnings, but he is excited to test out the acceleration on his new patrol car. Within a few miles, he overtakes the station wagon using lights and sirens, but is happy to note that it wasn't a high-speed chase. Mortimer thinks that it might be teenagers stealing their parents' car, but sees the car's New York plates and realizes that it's either a speeding tourist or stolen car. Maisie, the radio dispatcher, tells him that there is no theft reported, so Mortimer approaches the car, and is happy that the couple inside are a little tense. Mortimer talks to the couple routinely, accepting their story that Joanne's sister is having a baby in Carbondale. But he feels something is "off" about them, and illuminates the back of the station wagon. When he asks about the rope, duct tape, gas cans, and hatchet in the back of the car, Luke explains that they are hunting evos, killing them in nests, then burning the evidence. Mortimer counts ten Mississippis of silence, just as he learned back at the academy, and then forces a laugh to join in on their joke. He cautions them to slow down, and then bids them adieu.

Suddenly, Mortimer is shot in the knee and he falls to the ground, his sidearm bouncing out of reach. In severe pain, he sees bone and blood coming out of the hole where his knee was, and he realizes he would never walk unaided again. Filled with adrenaline and working on instinct, Mortimer twists around reaches for his sidearm. Joanne says, "You have a nice day," and fatally shoots Mortimer again.


  • Vincent's character was originally written into the original script for the episode Brave New World, but the scene was ultimately cut. The character was only called "highway patrolman" in the script. According to a podcast interview, Vincent Mortimer is named after of one of eBook author David Bishop's childhood school friends. In fact, David has written Vincent into about twelve of his books (including Judge Dredd, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Dr. Who), and every time something terrible happens to Vincent.

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