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Coinciding with the start of Heroes Reborn, six eBook tie-ins tell various stories. Depending on the novella, their aim is to focus on new and familiar Heroes characters, to extend the narrative from Heroes Reborn, or help fill in the gap between the old series and the new.


On July 12, 2015, Imperative Entertainment announced six eBooks that tie-in to Heroes Reborn. The books will be published in a joint venture from Bastei Lübbe and Imperative Entertainment, and will be available primarily as eBooks, but also as audio books. After they are all released, the books will be published in print as an anthology.

Heroes creator Tim Kring said, "What you see on TV is just a piece of the Heroes universe we’ve created. These novellas give existing and new fans a chance to learn the fates of some of their favorite characters and to dive deeper into Heroes' rich mythology. Plus, they're a lot fun to read."


Current Books

  • Brave New World, written by David Bishop -- It was released September 25, 2015. From Amazon: "A year after from the fateful events of the Odessa Summit, the world is a very different place. It’s certainly no longer friendly for Evolved Humans - or "Evos” - who are held responsible for what happened. If the government doesn’t find you, there are some tenacious and merciless Evo-hunters out there who will."
  • A Matter of Trust, written by Timothy Zahn -- This book focuses on a priest with a dark secret. From Amazon: "As the number of Evolved Humans increases, so does the pressure from the governments and people of the world. Father Mauricio begins searching for a way to help all Evos after befriending a troubled teenager who possesses a devastating secret. As a priest, it is Father Mauricio's calling to protect the innocent and this includes the Evos who, by no fault of their own, find their lives and freedom being threatened." This book was originally set to be released October 9, 2015. On October 9, the date was pushed to November 20. A preview section of this book was included in the back of Vengeance, Part 1.
  • Dirty Deeds, written by Stephen Blackmoore -- This action-packed tale focuses on police corruption. From Amazon: "When a veteran Federal agent begins investigating the involvement of a ruthless Los Angeles Police Department detective in the death of an Evolved Human, she gets close to uncovering a dangerous truth that could cost him everything: his job, his freedom, maybe even his life." This book was originally planned to be released on October 23, 2015. On October 9, the release date was pushed to November 20, the same as A Matter of Trust.
  • Catch and Kill, written by Duane Swierczynski -- This eBook is a cat-and-mouse thriller about a murderous husband and wife couple whose next intended victim proves highly elusive. From Amazon: "A nationwide tragedy took away their son, and now they roam the country in search of those they feel were responsible for his death. Their goal is simple: catch and kill." The book was released on November 20, 2015.
  • Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World, written by Keith R.A. DeCandido -- This is the full story of what happened to "everybody’s favorite cheerleader," Claire Bennet. From Amazon: "When she jumped off a Ferris wheel in Central Park and survived, Claire Bennet changed the world. Now 'Evos' — Evolved Humans — are exposed." Along with the last four eBooks, this novel was released on November 20, 2015.
  • A Long Way from Home (formerly titled Nobody), written by Kevin J. Anderson and Peter J. Wacks -- This original tale involves the power and the curse of physical attraction. From Amazon: "A group of Evolved Humans use their abilities to plan an escape from a detention center for people with very unusual powers." The book was released on November 20, 2015, along with the other four eBooks.

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  • For another book written about the Heroes world, see Saving Charlie. Note that this book was originally written in paperback, but was later made available as an eBook.

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