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iStory:The Agent/chapter 405 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 5 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

Rachel Mills has several dreams in succession. In the first, Rachel is covered with blood and sees a body lying ten feet away from her in a pool of blood. Rachel then realizes the blood is on her because she killed this person. She falls on her knees by the body and begins crying because she knows the victim and the person was special somehow. Rachel continues looking at the body, but can't bring herself to touch it. On the wall, she can make out a crudely drawn symbol that looks like a hammer surrounded by four dots. A moment later, Rachel senses a quiet noise, and turns but cannot see the source. Then, she sees something bright and things change.

Next, in her second dream, Rachel finds herself armed and in the hallway of a government building at night. People are moving around in the rooms around Rachel as she rushes silently down the hall. She thinks the place is at war. When Rachel reaches a glowing room, a man steps out of it and she shoots him without hesitation. She notes that the gun is silenced and she keeps moving without examining the body. Rachel notes a light flickering strangely at the end of the hallway where there is a massive metal door. She keeps walking towards the door though she doesn't have the passcode, and then things change again.

In the third dream, Rachel is in another building during the day. She says "Hello, Mom", but can only see the person in front of her. Rachel then thinks to herself that the only thing that matters is what happens next and braces herself for something when everything suddenly disappears.

Then, in the fourth dream, Rachel is hurting more than she ever imagined and finds her hands are on her chest. She lifts her fingers and realizes she is slowly bleeding. Then, Rachel falls on her knees into some dirt and says aloud that someone "really did it". A woman then replies that she told her she would and Rachel's vision fades.

In the fifth dream, Rachel is somewhere bright where she can see a dozen people or more looking up at her including men, women, and a child. They are waiting for Rachel to do something, but look terrified. On a nearby crate, she sees the same symbol again that has a hammer and four smaller symbols around it. Rachel then raises her hand and is holding a bomb detonator. She looks back at the crowd before her and feels sad but peaceful. Then she presses the button.

Next, in the sixth dream, Rachel sees a man with a shaven head and piecing eyes. He shows her something in his hand, but Rachel is terrified of it. She tries to hide her fear, but can tell that he knows she is afraid. He calls Rachel an agent and tells her to look at what he is holding. Rachel replies that she did and asks him what he is going to do. The man replies that he has a plan, then he puts his other hand on her shoulder and stares at her until she looks back into his eyes. He then tells Rachel to listen closely and that she can save them all.

Finally, Rachel has another dream where she sees a woman talking on the phone with her mother. The woman says that was the end, apologizes, and says she is sure it was Rachel. She then tells Rachel's mother that she knows something, says goodbye, and hangs up.

Before Rachel experienced these dreams, Rachel is on assignment with Jason Pierce to capture Eric Doyle, Rachel recalls how saving Eric was the first and worst thing REBEL has asked her to do and thinks that saving him again is the last thing she wants to do. However, Rachel realizes she needs to do so if the situation is going to end without ruining her life and ending his. She then notes to herself that Eric is a poster child for everything she is fighting against in defense of her country; but since Eric could mention that Rachel helped him before in interrogation, she needs to get to him first like Rebel said.

Rachel is listening to the SWAT team leader talk on her radio. The leader informs those chasing Eric Doyle how dangerous he is and to not let him focus on them. Also, the leader tells them that if Eric tries to control them, they need to terminate him the first chance they get. While listening to those orders with Jason turned away from her, Rachel also reads new text messages from Rebel: "YOU OWE ME. THIS IS HOW YOU CAN REPAY. FREE DOYLE. --REBEL"

Next, Rachel tells Jason she suspects Eric Doyle will try to pass through some alleys ahead of them. She tells Jason to wait for him out front while she flushes him out. Jason tells Rachel to be careful and she replies that she always is. Rachel then enters the alleyway from behind and shouts at Eric Doyle to stop, but he doesn't seem to recognize Rachel and is still running. Then, Jason radios for Rachel to pull back as the team is almost there. However, Rachel replies the she is going in and does so despite Jason's continued plea for her to wait. She chases Eric Doyle up another alley, and he stops when she shouts again. Rachel shouts that she is giving him a chance to surrender, then tells him to look at her face in a lower voice after making sure Jason isn't around.

Then, Rachel cannot speak and becomes frozen. She realizes the sun is behind her and Eric must not recognize her since he forces her to point the gun to her head. Eric then says something but she can't hear him under the roar of blood rushing to her head, and then Eric forces Rachel to slam her head into a brick wall on the side of the alley. Rachel hears a dull thud and then blacks out. For the next moment, she thinks she sees a dark shape waiting for her there, at the edge of onrushing dreams.

Next on iStory

Rachel's dreams are invaded again...

The government gathers more clues about the mysterious "Ellen" and LAWR, but not soon enough for Rachel Mills...

An elusive fugitive finally breaks out into the open, and Rachel leads the fateful strike...


  • The introduction to this chapter notes there are "Six Dreams", but there are seven dream-type segments to the first part of this chapter.
  • The titles given for the pages of this chapter are the names of Greek gods. In order, they are Athena, Ares, Gaia, Aphrodite, Hades, Zeus, and Hermes. Whether or not the titles have any significance is unknown.
  • The final page of this chapter has a flash image of Rachel's desk. A new snapshot of an unknown man sits above Claire Bennet's photo on the left side of the desk. Clicking the flashing red light on Rachel's ringing desk phone brings up a voice message that says "Rachel, this is Bob from Danko's office. He wanted me to pass along the HK operation is "go". Use of force option is only in self-defense. Report in when you and Jason have the subject in custody. That's the end of the message. Let me know if you have any questions."


  • This is the first complete iStory chapter to be a direct story and not have any alternative options.
  • In the original version of chapter 405, released March 10, 2009, the chapter ended with Rachel Mills experiencing the last of several nightmares and the following prompt:

Friday: The day that Doyle escaped...


  • On Friday, March 13, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 405 continued with what led up to Rachel getting knocked out and experiencing the dreams presented in the first part of the chapter.

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