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iStory:Slow Burn

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Slow Burn
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Slow Burn is the sixth iStory volume.

First mentioned: September 28, 2009

The sixth iStory volume is called Slow Burn. The first installment's release coincided with the airing of the episode Ink. Each chapter is accompanied by a 90-second clip from the the Slow Burn webisode.

Heroes Evolutions

In this iStory volume, each user is able to explore a fire breathing family new to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, who deals with their new friends and new surroundings. All the chapters are told from the perspective of one of the Bowmans, with the exception of the eighth chapter, which is told from the Watcher's point of view.


Slow Burn
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Slow Burn

Chapter 1: Step Right Up
Release Date: 28 September 2009
Now living at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Gail and Chris Bowman differ on their opinions of their new home. Gail trusts the Carnival and becomes friends with Lydia, who helps her decide what to make of an offer that Samuel made while Chris decides to snoop around. He meets Bo LoFontaine, a musician from New Orleans who is hiding something from his fellow carnies. After being attacked by Edgar, Chris becomes certain that they are not safe at the Carnival.
Chapter 2: Little Ember
Release Date: 5 October 2009
While her parents adjust to the Carnival in different ways, Jennie Bowman is thrilled that she is living in a place where she can be herself. One night, when she hears her parents fighting, Jennie goes to try and find some answers. She meets up with her friends, who are all watching Aiden hover. Later, she comforts Lydia and meets a young girl called Deeana. Deeana gives Jennie a phone to mark their friendship but it is quickly removed by a mysterious carny who frightens young Jennie. He returns the phone and gives a message to the Bowman family. He knows who they are. And he knows what they did to Mary Krause.
Chapter 3: The Watcher
Release Date: 12 October 2009
Still dealing with the knowledge that someone knows what they did to Mary Krause, Chris and Gail finally agree that while the carnival may be a haven for evolved humans, they are not safe. Gail searches through the side shows for the mysterious Watcher and is startled when he finds her instead. She demands to know who he is but he instead gives her a warning about her husband. Meanwhile, Chris learns more about Bo's past and when Gail finds him, they receive their first mission from the Watcher. While spying on Samuel and Edgar, the couple are caught by Caleb and they come face to face with Samuel himself.
Chapter 4: Assignments
Release Date: 19 October 2009
Rather than punish the two intruders, Samuel recruits them to his cause. He sends Gail out with Edgar to the Mojave Desert, where Gail meets up with John. John, Shard and Glade decline Gail's offer to join the carnival and Gail and Edgar return home. Meanwhile, Chris meets with The Watcher, who gives him a mission to complete. Chris finds Aviv and learns that the strongman is losing control over his ability. Chris and Gail both return home and meet up with Jennie, who has had a "normal" day. Samuel then appears and asks the family to go and make friends with a new target: Tracy Strauss.
Chapter 5: Newcomers
Release Date: 26 October 2009
Chris agrees to help Samuel with Tracy. He and his family perform their show while Samuel tries to convince her to join. However, Tracy does not buy into the carnival, with Chris secretly approving. After the show, the family tries to relax, but The Watcher arrives and wants the Bowmans to help him by finding out about two new arrivals: Amanda and Gabriel. Chris helps Amanda get her ability under control, but Gail and Jennie are frightened by Gabriel. As they do another show, Chris and Gail are both worried about the carnival.
Chapter 6: A Night Out
Release Date: 2 November 2009
The Bowman family is being broken apart at its seams. While Jennie gains control of her ability, Chris and Gail argue over their future at the carnival. A surprise visit from The Watcher sends Chris after Josh and Evan Davis, the two juggling twins at the carnival. He goes with them on a night out and learns that they are not twins, Josh is just a shape shifting older brother. While at a bar, Chris learns that the boys sneak out in order to contact their family. Chris also meets Draph, a friend of the Davis brothers. When he returns home, Chris feels conflicted about what to tell the Watcher but, with the mystery of Mary Krause hanging over him, Chris tells the Watcher the secret about the Davis brothers.
Chapter 7: The Final Task
Release Date: 9 November 2009
The Watcher's latest stunt has Gail and Chris worried for Jennie's life. The Watcher has kidnapped their daughter and given them the impossible task of uncovering Samuel's skeletons. Lost about what to do, Gail goes to Lydia but finds that the Painted Lady is struggling with Amanda's existence within the carnival. Gail gives some motherly advice while Chris deals with Samuel's number-one-fan Caleb. Bo steps in to stop the fighting and when Caleb runs, Chris reveals his family's dark secret. They tricked Mary Krause into being captured, which caused her death. Deciding that his family has been through enough, Chris says that he will fight The Watcher and, to his delight, Bo agrees to help.
Chapter 8: End Game
Release Date: 16 November 2009
The Watcher knows many secrets. But just what is he hiding? A day of spying on his fellow carnies reveals much. Aviv's ability is not fully broken, Josh and Evan Davis become recruitment targets for The Watcher and Samuel's trailer reveals no information. Angry and alone, The Watcher reveals his past. Having discovered his ability, The Watcher's family seemingly forgot about him. Driven by revenge, The Watcher vows to destroy the carnival and calls in a favour from Morgan Harvey, another one of his victims. As his plans start to come together, The Watcher promises that everyone in the carnival will share his pain.
Chapter 9: Redeemed
Release Date: 23 November 2009
The Bowmans are not the only ones with problems, as they soon realize. Chris, Gail and Bo plan what they need to do about The Watcher. Knowing that they cannot be the only ones who The Watcher has targeted, the three of them split up to find people who may know what is going on. Gail makes Lydia an offer about Amanda, Aviv tutors Jack in his telekinesis and Evan reveals that he and Josh were being watched by The Watcher. After no helpful information, Bo suggests that the Bowmans go to Samuel and confess everything. Chris and Gail speak with the carnival leader and he promises them his full support. He asks them if they are truly ready to join his family. Then, Gail and Chris seal their fates with a joint "yes".
Chapter 10: Best Served Cold
Release Date: 30 November 2009
The members of the carnival lay a trap for the mysterious Watcher. Captured and trapped, The Watcher continues to rage against the carnival, even as his own past is revealed by Lydia. Samuel gives the Bowmans a choice: kill the man who has tormented them, or let him go. No matter what they choose, The Watcher leaves all the carnies with a warning: how long until the carnival is torn apart not by an outsider, but by someone on the inside?


  • The first chapter of Slow Burn was released on September 28, 2009.
  • Slow Burn marked the beginning of "tagged media", a new format that integrates the iStory, webisodes, and other media. Specifically, a thirty-second commercial is shown during each episode. Then, an expanded version of the commercial is found at Directly below that is the introduction of the iStory. The iStory then has links to various other media, including Heroes:Survival, and an interactive carnival game.

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