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"Purpose" is the eighth iStory volume.

First mentioned: January 4, 2010

The eighth iStory volume is called Purpose.

Heroes Evolutions

In this iStory volume, each user is able to explore the life of a former Primatech agent, John Mulligan, as he tries to settle into a normal life after months on the run. Stories are told in 3rd person, with the story usually following the paths that John can take. At the beginning of Chapter 1 of Purpose, an Assignment Tracker for John was provided.


Chapter 901
Chapter 902
Chapter 903
Chapter 904
Chapter 905
Chapter 906


Chapter 1: Too Many Options
Release Date: 4 January 2010
John Mulligan, the mysterious "Overcoat" who was involved with both Wildman's faction and The Guardians, returns to New York to try and live a new life, free of fear. But his old life keeps coming back to get him. A simple stroll through Manhattan turns into a heroic act as John is forced to rewind time to save the life of a woman. The ghosts of his past, namely a former Primatech target named Ian, also plays a hand in John's day, and these encounters sway his idea of what his purpose is. After a job interview full of rewound mistakes, John receives a call from an unlikely person. Samuel Sullivan. And Samuel wants to meet this special time manipulator...
Chapter 2: The Offer
Release Date: 11 January 2010
John Mulligan is looking for his purpose. Does he belong with the carnival? A tour of the grounds with the persuasive Samuel seems to push John's mind in that direction, but a violent confrontation with a former target of his brings back old memories and spreads concern amongst the carnies. John, knowing that he does not belong at the carnival, sets out to leave. But a tiny, hope-filled voice draws him back and John happily reunites with Jennie, Chris and Gail Bowman. But the happy family is not what he remembers. They have been brainwashed. It is up to John to save them. With a little help from The Iron Maiden...
Chapter 3: A Partner
Release Date: 18 January 2010
John Mulligan, a man without a purpose, has finally found something that he wants to fight for. With his friends under the carnival's spell, John teams up with his former partner Lauren Gilmore to bring down the carnival. The old friends share information and learn about new and desired relationships until Lauren extends an offer for John to join her in Washington. But an old enemy lies lurking in the shadows. The carnival thought they got rid of him, but he's back. The Watcher makes a surprising offer to John, one that he reluctantly accepts. John knows he can't trust The Watcher, but when Gail's life is on the line, does he have a choice?
Chapter 4: The Raid
Release Date: 25 January 2010
John is in a whole heap of trouble. After receiving a strange mission from Angela Petrelli, John calls Lauren and discovers that the carnival raid did not go according to plan. With the help of The Watcher, John gets to the carnival and finds the aftermath of Noah's attack. John goes to his good friend Jennie, but Chris and Gail are less than happy to see him after what happened to Lydia. The reappearance of The Watcher only fuels Chris's mistrust and not even Bo is able to stop Chris from attacking. Things don't look good...
Chapter 5: However It Gets Done
Release Date: 1 February 2010
Specials fight specials in a battle that threatens John Mulligan's new purpose. With Chris, Bo and Pearl hellbent on stopping him, John finds himself being hunted and attacked. Using his Primatech training, John manages to outsmart the three carnies and escape with his life. But The Watcher is not done with John, and reappears to seemingly help him find Lauren. When the former Company partners are reunited, The Watcher springs his trap and tries to force them to help him destroy the carnival. Lauren escapes to find Noah, but John decides to stop "Henry" once and for all. He and The Watcher are ready to battle it out, but things just got a lot more complicated. The isolated field that held the Carnival is gone. Now, their battle will take place in Central Park...
Chapter 6: How to Stop an Insane Man
Release Date: 8 February 2010
The time has come to stop Samuel Sullivan, but is it too late? Together, John and The Watcher learn of Samuel's evil plans and, when The Watcher tries to stop John, the former Company agent finally opens The Watcher's eyes about love and family. John then calls in help from an old friend and rescues Lauren, Noah and Claire, who join him in the mission to stop the carnival. When John goes searching for the Bowmans and is attacked by Eli, it is The Watcher who saves him. When Samuel is finally defeated, new and old friends unite to tie up the loose ends. After everything seems to be over, there is only one person John wants to see... Gail Bowman.


  • The first chapter of Purpose was released on January 4, 2010.

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