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iStory:The Private/chapter 303 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 3 of The Private.

All cases (I)

Pausing her story of what happened during her last tour of Iraq, Rachel Mills notes that what she is going to say now is not what the official account says. The interviewer responds that they expect the truth, and Rachel says that is what she is telling. He replies that warnings should not be necessary, then, and Rachel says that he should remember he said that.

In Rachel's recollection, Rachel gets to know more about the Special Forces lieutenant. She learns his name is Sam, that he was born in Syria and grew up in Cleveland. His parents were originally from Iran, and he claimed that he was still in high school when he decided his options were either to spend his life getting shaken down at airport checkpoints or to enlist. Sam complains about spending so much time wandering the wildernesses of the Middle East, looking for bad guys, but Rachel can tell he loves his job even if it might kill him.

The contents of the compound Sam and his men are to destroy seem to scare them more than the Iranian army base in the distance. Rachel learns that they had never gotten too close to the facility, though they had stopped a truck once. Sam warns Rachel that he has never seen Iranian forces on this side of town, but expects them to come quickly when their charges go off. Rachel replies that they will be ready to run, and Jim nods in agreement. The squad had decided he was CIA, but Rachel still isn't so sure.

Rachel and Jim watch from a rocky hill as the Special Forces squad sneaks down to the compound. The main building dominates the facility, one set of doors on the front and two sentries sit on rocks nearby. Rachel tells him that they are going to talk when the mission is over, and Jim says that sounds hot. Rachel replies that it will only be hot if he doesn't give her some answers, and they spot a man in a lab coat leaving the building out of a camouflaged door, around the corner from the front entrance. Rachel wonders aloud why a hidden door, and the squad takes out the sentries and reaches the front entrance. Sam's squad doesn't appear to see the hidden door and Rachel says to stop them. However, Jim says it's too late. Sam grabs the handle of the front entrance and then he and the squad disappear in a white flash and chest-rattling boom.

Rachel and Jim immediately take off running, though in different directions. Jim catches up with Rachel near the edge of where the dirt had been blackened by the explosion, and tells Rachel that they are dead. He tells Rachel they need to run, but she just tells him to get away from her. Rachel looks down a Sam's body and Jim grabs Rachel's arm. Rachel responds by tackling Jim to the ground, and planting a knee in his chest.

Rachel then tells Jim either that the mission is incomplete, to shut up, or that someone's going to pay, but in all cases Rachel continues that she is finishing the mission. She instructs Jim to go back to the camp, find a radio, recall codes, something. Jim says that is crazy, and just then the secret door around the corner slams. Rachel spots the guy in the lab coat and runs after him. She finds that the door is just an outline in the building's metal siding, so she pulls it open and steps through it into a small, dark room.

Once inside, Rachel notes the room's rotting odor, that there are rubber seals around the doors, and gas masks lining the floors. She spots the man in the lab coat trying to use the inside door, and takes his pistol from him. The man, who looks possibly Indian to Rachel, screams as something pops in his arm. Rachel must then choose to either take him hostage or knock him out.

Options (I)

All cases (II)

Running out of time, Rachel realizes she must make another decision. The player is given the following choices for Rachel to follow, each of which lead into the next chapter:

  • Get explosives and blow up the vat...
  • Investigate the weird moaning in the ward (official conclusion)...
  • Open the cells...


  • Using Option 1A appears to lead to the optimal case as it allows Rachel to discover that her records have either been removed from the facility or never existed as her hostage claims. Rachel rescues the moaning girl in the next chapter.


  • In the original version of Chapter 303, released January 28, 2009, the chapter ended with Rachel noticing that trucks are arriving outside the facility. The player was then given the opportunity to vote to affect what Rachel did next with the following prompt:

Vote for the plan you want to follow...

  • Get explosives and blow up the vat
  • Investigate the weird moaning in the ward
  • Open the cells
  • Burn the files
  • Run for the desert

Select the plan you want to follow.

Vote carefully: your choice affects what happens in the next chapter.

Discuss your choice at the 9th Wonders "Friend or Foe" forum.

Poll ends and story continues on Tuesday, 2/3/09.

  • The above poll was originally set to end on Friday, January 30, 2009. The date was changed on Thursday, January 29, 2009, when a bug was fixed that had one of the choices leading to a blank page.
  • On February 3, 2009, the polling was set aside and chapter 303 continued with Rachel choosing to investigate the weird moaning in the ward as the official choice. However, players could also see the outcomes for what would have happened if Rachel blew up the vat or opened the cells.

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