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Webisode:Going Postal, Part 1

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Going Postal, Part 1
A Nifty Trick
Webisode number: 1
First released: July 14, 2008
A Nifty Trick.jpg
Written by: Yule Caise, Jim Martin
Directed by: Yule Caise
Next Webisode: Going Postal, Part 2
Postman Echo DeMille has a special delivery for a pair of agents trying to apprehend him.
Meet Echo DeMille, a seemingly ordinary postman with extraordinary abilities.




Echo runs through an alleyway and behind a house, and when he cannot go further due to a fence, turns around and faces a Doberman Pinscher. He throws down his mailbag and comments how cliché the situation is. He warns the dog to go away, but when the dog continues to growl he uses his ability to ward it away.

When the dog runs off, Echo is approached by a bald man with pale skin and another in a suit. The man in the suit explains that he is from a Company that looks for people like him and helps them learn how to use their special abilities. Echo explains that there is nothing special about him and that they have the wrong guy, and attempts to flee. However, the bald man wraps himself around Echo, and the man in the suit explains that his partner is what is known as a "constrictor". Echo then uses his ability, breaking himself free from the Constrictor's grasp, and causing the man in the suit to bleed from his ears with severe pain. When the man in the suit pulls out a gun, Echo uses his ability again, this time nearly killing the man and sending the Constrictor to the ground.

As Echo runs off, the Constrictor gets up, grabs the other man's gun and shoots two shots in Echo's direction. Echo continues fleeing and the Constrictor turns to his partner on the ground and shoots him once in the head. The Constrictor then makes a call to Bob, explaining that Howard is dead and that the situation is worse than they thought. The Constrictor then looks at his phone to see a picture of Echo in an embrace with a woman. He says, "It's a shame... She's so pretty", then limps in the direction Echo ran.

Memorable Quotes

"Next time... don't mess with the mailman."

- Echo DeMille

"It's a shame... She's so pretty."

- The Constrictor

Character Appearances


  • In a press release on, the first part of Going Postal was called Manhunt.
  • The Going Postal series was included with the bonus features on the Season Three DVD.

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