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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

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Dark Matters, Part 1
Where Are the Heroes?
Webisode number: 31
First released: July 9, 2015
Where Art the Heroes?.jpg
Written by: Zach Craley
Directed by: Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Slow Burn, Part 10
Next Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 2



A Renautas online advertisement is interrupted by a series of images and video clips from across the globe narrated by Hero Truther. After Claire Bennet jumped from a Ferris wheel at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival in front of shocked news reporters, revealing her abilities to the world, several other evolved humans, or "evos", were inspired to reveal their abilities with similar "attempt videos". Hero Truther laments the ensuing worldwide maltreatment of evos; they were blamed for crimes, whilst anti-evo legislation was passed that forced them into hiding.

Watching this on her laptop is Phoebe Frady. Phoebe takes a deep breath before going to her living room and asking her brother Quentin to help her with something. Reluctantly, Quentin films Phoebe as she demonstrates her umbrakinesis to him. Later, the two discuss when Phoebe found out about her abilities, as well as whether their mother knew.

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