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Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 2

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Damen Peak, Part 2
Webisode number: 38
First released: November 19, 2015
Damen Peak webisode.jpg
Written by: David Hartwell
Directed by: David Hartwell,
Tom Krueger
Previous Webisode: Damen Peak, Part 1
Next Webisode: Damen Peak, Part 3
Joanne Collins has a new target, mental manipulator Damen Peak.



Joanne Collins continues on her pursuit of Damen Peak. He notices that she is following her, so he quickly maneuvers around the streets. Damen parks his car hoping that Joanne would not know where he went. However, his wife calls him over the car phone. As he tries to talk quietly, she insists on talking to him. Joanne realizes where Damen is hiding and so he drives away.

Joanne catches up with him on foot and begins to shoot at Damen is his car. Damen escapes and heads home. He attempts to call Lilly, but she does not answer. When he arrives home, he runs inside freaking Lilly out. He uses his ability to make her stop what she is doing, come down the stairs, and go to the car with him. She asks if he is joking. He replies that he is not and asks her to just do as he says. He explains that someone with a gun is trying to kill him. They leave the house as Joanne shows up. She points a gun at them and Damen asks her to stop. Joanne does not put the gun down and approaches them.

Memorable Quotes

"It's like you have a secret."

"I love you. That's no secret.""

- Lilly Peak, Damen Peak

"Just do as I ask."

- Damen (to Lilly)

Character Appearances

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