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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

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Dark Matters, Part 6
Where the Truth Lies
Webisode number: 36
First released: July 23, 2015
Where the Truth Lies.jpg
Written by: Zach Craley
Directed by: Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 5
Next Webisode: Damen Paek, Part 1



Three weeks ago Quentin arrives at Olympic Coin Laundry where Hero Truther told Quentin to meet him. Quentin is excited as with the Renautas files and Hero Truther's help, he believes he can prove his sister's innocence in the June 13th bombing and expose Renautas. Quentin is permitted into the laundry's basement where he finds Hero Truther's command center containing a group including Hero Truther himself. Hero Truther assures Dahlia that Quentin is a friend and tells him that they have a big target on their heads as they are the only independent voice left in the world as Renautas is manipulating most mainstream media. When asked, Hero Truther tells Quentin he has a skill that keeps Renautas from shutting his website down and Quentin realizes Hero Truther is an evo himself. Hero Truther pulls down his hood and reveals himself to be technopath Micah Sanders who shows Quentin video taken two weeks before by one of his group that escaped a Renautas facility. The video shows that Phoebe is still alive and is imprisoned by Renautas. Micah believes that the files Quentin stole from Renautas show that they are planning something much bigger than June 13th and he intends to stop it. As Micah asks for Quentin's help with a strike team he is forming to rescue Phoebe and other captive evos, the power suddenly goes out and Micah realizes they've been compromised. Dahlia accuses Quentin who insists he didn't knowingly betray them. Renautas agents storm the room firing guns and Micah yells at Quentin to find Noah Bennet before being tasered. Quentin escapes the room, but is ambushed by M. F. Harris outside who thanks Quentin for leading them to Hero Truther. Before Harris can kill Quentin, Hipster Dude sneaks up behind Harris and knocks him out with a fire extinguisher. Quentin takes the opportunity to flee for his life.

In the present, Quentin states that Renautas has captured both his sister and Hero Truther, leaving Quentin alone to stop them. As a result, he is using the Renautas files he stole to track down Noah Bennet who had left Primatech after June 13th. Quentin wonders if Noah knows that Renautas is using his methods to abduct innocent people and plans to get Noah's help as he's the only one who knows how Renautas works and thus the only one capable of stopping them.

Memorable Quotes

"I guess this is your rebel hideout. It's no Hoth, but it'll do."

- Quentin, upon entering Hero Truther's hideout

"I'm just one of the hunted, but you can call me Micah"

- Hero Truther revealing his true identity

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