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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

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Dark Matters, Part 4
June 13th
Webisode number: 34
First released: July 23, 2015
June 13th.jpg
Written by: Zach Craley
Directed by: Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 3
Next Webisode: Dark Matters, Part 5



A year ago, Quentin grows worried when he can't reach his sister and rushes to her dorm room to find that Aly doesn't know where she is either. Quentin misses a call from an unknown number that Aly recognizes as a Texas number from the area code. Quentin finds a voice mail from a scared Phoebe and he and Aly use a reverse phone directory to find out that the call came from a pay phone at a gas station in Midland, Texas.

Quentin and Aly rush to the gas station in Midland where Quentin tries to get the clerk to help him before Aly draws his attention to news footage of the Odessa Unity Summit. On the footage, Phoebe can be seen walking with M. F. Harris and Quentin realizes Phoebe is at the summit.

Quentin and Aly try to make their way to the summit, but traffic is backed up and people are walking the highway. Suddenly an eclipse happens and the sky is covered with darkness which Quentin believes is Phoebe's doing. As Quentin tries to walk to the summit chased by Aly, there is suddenly a massive explosion and they duck into the car for cover. A massive cloud of dark smoke is seen to rise in the distance.

Quentin rushes to the hospital with Aly where he demands to know if Phoebe was hurt in the explosion which was the summit being bombed. Aly draws his attention to the news where it is reported that Mohinder Suresh took credit for the bombing and it names eleven other accomplices of Mohinder. To Quentin's horror, one is Phoebe.

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