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Age transferal

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Age transferal
Age Transferralpic.jpg
Leona, as she appears once she has transferred age
Held by: Leona Mills
Ability to: Transfer age

Age transferal is the ability to transfer the aging and life force to and from an object and make the user younger or older.



Leona Mills has shown she is capable of reverting herself from a rotting death-like state to normal by absorbing the life force from a wooden chair. (Chapter 9 of The Agent) Leona ages faster than normal, transforming over several hours from appearing as a young woman to middle-aged with deepening lines on her face. (Chapter 10 of The Agent)

The aged bodies Rachel found after a battle at the circus suggest that she can also apply her ability to living things. (Chapter 10 of The Agent) Leona has also shown she can reverse her ability to transfer life-force into other people or things. Chapter 12 of The Agent)


  • While looking like a rotting body whose eyes and mouth are caved-in, Leona sits up and grabs a wooden chair. The chair begins to age, turning black and finally collapsing into dust. As this occurs, Leona is transformed into a young woman. (Chapter 9 of The Agent)
  • When Leona touches a pile of rotting wood, the wood brightens, hardens and a leaf bursts out of the top stick. Her face then sags and her teeth jut into her lips. She also comments that it makes her fingertips feel like they're burning. (Chapter 12 of The Agent)
  • Rachel visits her neighbor, Tim's house, and finds her mother Leona there, having coffee with him, having used her ability to reduce her age to that similar of Rachel's age.(Chapter 2 of The Civilian)


  • In Interview:iStory follow up, writer Tom Inkel clarified that "Leona's power is to transfer aging (in either direction). So it's a bit like a vampiric version of The Russian's ability in the Comrades graphic novels (although she can't become younger than the age at which she manifested, and she ages quickly if she doesn't compensate with her ability. She has a pretty brutal manifestation story, actually). Leona can't heal herself or absorb abilities or anything like that."

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