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The Agent ch9 Circus.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: To entertain people

Rebel sends Anna Korolenko to a circus.

Notable Locations

  • Front lot tent
  • Back lot tent
  • Underground cellar

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Anna arrives at a circus Rebel sent her to. Rebel specifies that Anna needs to find the man in the black hat, and that he will know what to do. Anna heads inside the front performance tent and sees a magician she thinks is her contact having people pick cards and telling them what is on them. She then heads back outside and watches the elephants, waiting for the magician, who is also the circus's ringmaster, to finish his act.

When the man finishes and leaves the tent, Anna introduces herself to him. He is startled, but says hello and continues walking towards another tent in the back of the lot. Anna follow and continues talking with him, and the man looks at Anna like she is crazy. He laughs at Anna and then walks into the back tent after asking her to leave. Anna follows the man inside the back tent, which has a sign that says "FREAK SHOW!" over the entrance. She finds the place dark and creepy, with many cages spread around the tent. A mermaid performer gets out of a giant water tank and begins unzipping her costume behind her back. Then, the woman sees Anna and shouts to someone named Doug, telling the person that there is a kid in the tent. The ringmaster curses somewhere in the back.

Anna spots a man and a woman stuck together from the shoulder to hip, sharing a shirt and pants pass by her. Another man all tied up in chains, stares at her with a crazy grin. Then, she sees what appears to be a rotting body rising out of a coffin and screams. The woman who was stuck to the man's shoulder pats Anna's shoulder. The clothes she was wearing hang off of her; and the man she was attached to now stands behind her in his underwear, with all his own limbs.

Anna shouts toward the magician, and he steps out a short while later wearing a T-shirt and talks with Anna. Then, the mermaid performer cups her hands and turns the air inside into water, which leaks through her fingers. The woman who was sharing clothes steps back into the man behind her, and their shoulders pass through each other. The chains around the man with the crazy grin suddenly melt, revealing jeans and a T-shirt, and he winks at Anna.

The rotting body talks to Anna and sits up again from the coffin. It reaches out a hand and grabs a chair. The chair ages, collapsing into dust, and the body becomes a young woman that continues talking with Anna. Some time later, Anna huddles with the other circus performers in the dark. She checks her cell phone, then whispers to herself.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Anna hides with the circus staff in an old, dark, and forgotten cellar, as big as a couple trucks. The animal tent is pitched over it, and the door is covered with straw and other stuff from the elephants that gives off a strong stench. Above the cellar, agents are searching the tent for the umpteenth time. It is night now, but more agents have arrived. They break things in their search and drive by in rumbling trucks.

Anna looks around the dark cellar at the people around her. Linda Niles, the lady from the coffin, sits closest to her, but has not talked much since they entered the place. The closest to Anna after her is the ringmaster, Bobby, who had talked with Anna at first, but fell asleep around midnight. Along the other wall sits the man and woman who pretend to be Siamese twins for their act. They are always silent, but they sometimes move at the same time. Barbara, the mermaid performer, lies on her side by them with her eyes closed, but jumps at every noise. Next to Barbara is the crazy man, who always smiles, and whose outfit is continually changing. He is sometimes in a straitjacket, other times a tux, and sometimes jeans.

Anna is holding her cell phone battery in her hands. Once an hour, Anna has been putting it back in her phone for a few seconds while she checks in with Rebel. Next, Linda and Anna for a bit. Linda introduces Anna to the twins, Valerie and Victor, and has Valerie show Anna their ability. Valerie slides across the cellar to Anna and touches Anna's shoulder with one hand. Suddenly, everything shifts and Anna finds herself sitting on the opposite side of the room with one of Victor's hands on her shoulder. Anna jumps away from him in shock, and Victor just stares at her.

A little while later, Anna snaps her battery into her phone, and communicates briefly with Rebel via text before popping the battery back out. Linda talks with Anna some more, and Anna notices Linda's appearance has changed to be middle-aged over the past several hours. Then, Linda tells everyone to get up and announces they are getting out of there.

The next morning, Rachel arrives to the circus after a battle had been waged there. Behind ambulances and government vans, Rachel sees puddles that are mostly half-dried and many small craters, shaped like bodies. She then passes a zombie, an agent whose eyes wander blankly as he leans against the side of an ambulance, wrapped in a blanket. An EMT is checking that zombie's pupils, but there are many more sitting and moaning. Rachel continues into the area, passing a row of body bags. Some of the corpses have experienced rapid aging.

Ahead of her, Rachel spots a bunch of agents huddled around someone, and lowers her cap over her face and proceeds to get closer. When she hears the agents beating the person up, she rushes towards them, pushing her way through agents in SWAT gear as she goes. When close enough, Rachel finds that the agents' prisoner is a young man whose face is blank like the other zombies. She then turns to do more searching, but the man calls out the name Linda and stares at her. Rachel glances back at him, and the other agents take notice. Then, Janey Pierce approaches Rachel and takes her down with a taser before she can teleport away.

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