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Carla Klaus

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Carla Klaus
Carla Klaus.jpg
First appearance iStory
Debut November 8, 2008
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Director of Pinehearst's Risk Analysis & Response Unit

Carla Klaus is the director of Pinehearst's Risk Analysis & Response Unit (RARU). Her legendary temper is matched only by her ingenuity and determination.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Pinehearst contracted player finds Carla talking with Priscilla Van Cleef in a ransacked laboratory of Pinehearst Headquarters in Fort Lee, NJ.

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Carla notices the Pinehearst contracted player standing in front of a platoon of military soldiers at Pinehearst Headquarters and tells the player she sees the player has been introduced to their replacements. When the player asks what she means, Carla just shakes her head and walks over to Priscilla Van Cleef, who is talking with Senator Petrelli in a corner of the warehouse. Later, the player tells Carla and Priscilla about new intel Lloyd Collins just sent and Carla convinces Priscilla to authorize a mission to seek out the Kill Squad and Anna.

Later in chapter 5, Carla is on a dirt road in Rowland, Alaska with the player, Aaron Taylor and a van full of her RARU agents. She informs the player that Aaron is at least partially there cause he owes her a favor, and then tells Aaron he can wait in the van while she and the player scout a position for their command post. Carla and the player then survey the town together. Later, Carla sees a photo from an aerial drone that shows hundreds of agents around the Kill Squad's warehouse. Carla states that they still have the element of surprise and suggests an all-out attack to trap them and take out the structure with them inside, but allows the player to recommend a course of action. Carla allows the player to go in for a closer look, but the player gets spotted so her men begin providing cover fire. The player then tells her that the people inside are Primatech and not Kill Squad, so she agrees to a ceasefire with Primatech and lets the player know that it looks like they are good now. Aaron hands the player a new picture and the player tells Carla she needs to see it right away. However, Carla replies that the Primatech commander wants to see some identification and cannot go. The Pinehearst contracted player then rushes into the Kill Squad's warehouse, but before Carla can see the photo, gunfire breaks out and the player has to flee.

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