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Aaron Taylor

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Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor.jpg
First appearance iStory
Debut November 8, 2008
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Director of Pinehearst's Experimental Applications & Assessment Division

Aaron Taylor is the cool and enigmatic head of Pinehearst's Experimental Applications & Assessment Division (EAAD), who oversees a vast network of shadowy research and development initiatives.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Aaron Taylor joins the Pinehearst contracted player on a dirt street in Rowland, Alaska. Aaron comments that the place is not what he expected based on the travel brochures, but notes that this is a great chance to test Pinehearst's new combat and surveillance drone, which he claims is more advanced than the military's Predator aircraft. He also comments on the colder than advertised weather and then takes Carla's offer for him to wait in a van until Carla and the player finish scouting a place for his command post. Later, Aaron provide Carla with an aerial photo taken by the drone showing hundreds of agents in and around the Kill Squad's warehouse, and notes there is no sign of Red Eye or Anna being outside the warehouse. When the player sneaks in to take a closer look, Aaron provides intel on the location of the guards through a radio earpiece the player is wearing. A few minutes later, Aaron gives the player another aerial photo taken by his drone. This photo shows Anna and Red Eye running through a clearing near a river and ahead of them is a dam.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 5 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, a man runs into the Kill Squad's warehouse headquarters carrying a photo. He tells Carla she needs to see the photo, that it just came in from Aaron's Predator aircraft, and that they need to leave right away.

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