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Anna Korolenko

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Anna Korolenko
Anna gn.JPG
First appearance Friend or Foe
In-story stats
Known ability Neurocognitive deficit
Place of birth Siberia, Russia
Home Ithaca, NY
Occupations Member of LAWR,
college student
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Anna Korolenko (Russian: Анна Короленко) is an evolved human with the ability to shut down the upper brain functions of those around her.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 1

Anna witnesses the Kill Squad torture Ricardo Silva while she is restrained. Despite being kidnapped by Ricardo in an attempt to take down the Kill Squad and her personal promises that she would never use her ability again, she activates it against her captors. To her surprise, Ricardo then activates his ability to bring about primal rage, which instigates a fight among the Kill Squad members. Soon, all the Kill Squad kill each others. Anna lashes out in horror as Ricardo attempts to get her attention. She angrily tells Ricardo to look at what he made her do. He then refutes that they were going to kill them, but Anna accuses that Ricardo only wanted her to help kill the Kill Squad all along. She calls him a monster, then runs away tearfully, declaring that so is she.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 2

During the night in Ithaca, NY, Anna goes to the campus bookstore where she goes to school and purchases some textbooks. While paying, she tells the clerk that she is living in town now and will see him around. Upon exiting back onto the campus grounds, Anna recalls that she came here to stop running and begin a new life on her own, and that now she is a waitress at the Blue Dolphin Diner working the overnight shift. Anna walks by a Nissan Versa and continues walking thinking on how she has heard that Primatech is supposed to be gone, but she worries that Ricardo is likely still searching for her. Suddenly, Anna is startled when she runs into a girl that is asking directions to a lecture hall where the college is holding an open house. After calming herself down, Anna gives the girl the directions, and introduces herself. She learns the girl's name is Claire, and explains to her that she goes to school during the night, then listens to Claire's story.

When a couple of security guards attack and shoot Claire, Anna uses her ability on the guards to stop their attack. Anna then spots Ricardo approach them, but at first ignores his explanation for what he had done to protect her. Anna shouts for help for Claire, but before someone else arrives, she is startled to witness Claire regenerate her wounds and get up. Anna also realizes that she must be getting better control over her ability as the guards come to, having only their short-term memories erased. Anna tells Ricardo she wants nothing to do with him because of what he has done and forced her to do. However, Anna is convinced by Claire to hear Ricardo out so Anna invites them both to share dinner with her, and tells them that the dinner is on her.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Pinehearst contracted player visits a lab in the Pinehearst Headquarters in Fort Lee, NJ. The player learns that Red Eye appears to have been broken in and kidnapped a young girl named Anna from the building, and took some tranquilizers and wake-up juice.

Questioning Mohinder Suresh, the same player learns that Anna had seen Pinehearst as a new home. She was taken away from a Siberian orphanage for abusive and violent children, where she suffered after having destroyed her family with her ability. Mohinder also explains her ability and notes that he got the sense Anna was glad to be at Pinehearst, and thought it was a haven for her, a home. Mohinder supports the kidnapping theory, noting that Anna's ability to remove higher brain functions would make many individuals more susceptible to Red Eye's power to make them turn on each other, and that by removing inhibitions, judgment, and control, Anna could expand Red Eye's power to such a level that he could turn a whole crowd into a raging mob.

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Anna is led by Red Eye into Maya Herrera's apartment in New York City. Anna gets injected with a drug by Red Eye, which he claims will wake her up completely so she can use her ability again. She then feels the effects of Red Eye's ability, and begins to lose control of herself, feeling anger and anxiety. However, it is then that an eclipse occurs and Anna and Red Eye lose their abilities. The Pinehearst contracted player protects Anna from the Kill Squad, claiming she was not with Red Eye. The player takes her down the back stairs, explaining that he works for Pinehearst and Pinehearst still wants to help her. But upon getting outside, Anna and the player are captured by a Primatech agent. The Primatech agent takes Anna to where other agents are gathering, and a higher-up orders for them to be taken away for questioning.

In chapter 4 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Anna sits crying softly on a cot next to the Pinehearst contracted player in a bare Primatech cell. She has been beaten and is bleeding from her nose and mouth. Anna is then taken for more questioning by two Primatech guards. A few minutes later, Anna is returned to the cell and talks about herself and her life in Siberia to the player. She then also tells the player about Red Eye's plan to attack the Kill Squad at their base in Alaska. Then, the cell doors open and Angela Petrelli and an Asian man enter having overheard the conversation. The player explains that Primatech offered to release them both for the information, and the Asian man escorts her away. Angela later tells the player that Red Eye will find Anna again.

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Priscilla Van Cleef informs the Pinehearst contracted player that the searches for Anna and the Kill Squad have been called off while they train their new military recruits. However, when the player gets new intel from Lloyd Collins and Carla Klaus lends her support for a mission, Priscilla changes her mind and authorizes the player and Carla to proceed. While in Alaska, Aaron Taylor gives the player an aerial photo of Red Eye and Anna taken by his Predator-type drone. The player shows this photo to the Primatech contracted player that captured the player and Anna in New York City and explains that the player is searching for Anna and was working undercover in the Kill Squad for Pinehearst. In the photo, Anna and Red Eye are running through a clearing near a river and ahead of them is a dam. The player adds that the player couldn't care less, any more, and is just here for Anna--that she needs the player. The Primatech agent then disagrees, saying that Anna needs them both and lowering his gun.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 2 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player arrives at a run-down apartment building where Red Eye used to live. The player finds Anna, a teenage girl with a Russian accent, slumped over on the front steps. Anna asks the player for help and to not enter the building because she was told it was dangerous. When the player asks to enter again, she adds that she is dangerous too.

In chapter 3 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Anna is dragged into Red Eye's car, and Red Eye drives with her to Maya Herrera's apartment in New York City. A Primatech agent captures Anna with a Kill Squad member, and brings them to Marie Dunn. Anna is grabbed by the throat by Marie and asked about Red Eye. However, Anna cannot answer cause she is choking. Anna and the captured squad member are then taken away to a cell for future questioning per Marie's orders.

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, two Primatech interrogators are questioning Anna in a Primatech facility. Anna is strapped to a chair and one interrogator is preparing to strike her again with his hand. In an observation room that has a one-way window; Jeremy Woo, Angela Petrelli and the Primatech contracted player watch and debate the interrogation. Angela orders Jeremy to continue the interrogation.

In chapter 5 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player looks at a photograph given to the player by a man claiming to be Pinehearst contractor that was undercover in the Kill Squad. It is an aerial photo of Red Eye and Anna from above and the Pinehearst player claims that the photo was taken east of here and that they are headed toward a dam. The Pinehearst contractor claims to not care about the Kill Squad conflict anymore and just needs to rescue Anna, saying she needs him. The player then stares at the photo and corrects him, saying that she needs "us".

In chapter 6 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Anna is spotted by the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors arguing with Red Eye in the dam's "Generator Room". Later, she convinces Red Eye to stop using his ability on the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors and then follows the Pinehearst contracted player's plan to accompany the dam workers as they try to escape the dam. Red Eye ends up being killed by the Kill Squad, leaving Anna distraught when she finds his body next to the control shed. She rushes over and weeps over his body.

The Agent

In chapter 6 of The Agent, after Rachel Mills shoves Jason Pierce into the burger and fries of the family sitting next to them at a restaurant, Anna uses her ability on most of the staff and customers of the restaurant except for Rachel and Jason. Most of them become motionless and stare blankly. However, an eight-year-old girl is more severely affected, and falls from her chair onto the floor as drool trickles out of her mouth. Anna's use of her ability also causes Jason's sister, Janey, to drop her taser.

From behind Jason, Anna hears Jason ask Rachel what she did. Anna then tells him that Rachel didn't do anything and that is what makes his people so wrong. Jason then turns around and see her there wearing a college sweatshirt turned inside out. Next, Anna tells Rachel to come with her, saying she is a friend. Meanwhile, Jason reaches towards his sister. He threatens to do something to Anna if his sister is hurt, calling her a freak. She then cries out Rachel's name, but it doesn't stop Rachel from shooting Jason dead. After helping Rachel clean up the scene, Anna takes her to an abandoned hunting cabin where they spend the night in separate bunk beds.

The next morning, after helping Rachel through some grief, Anna asks Rachel if she has heard about LAWR. Next, the girl joins Rachel in sitting at the cabin's table and asks if she has heard about LAWR. Rachel replies that the government picked up some chatter about it, and the girl explains that she is the A in LAWR and that her name is Anna. The girl adds that she helps Ellen, but can't talk about that part. She then tells Rachel that Rachel has to go back to her organization. Anna says that REBEL told her that they need Rachel there now since things are so dangerous. Anna says it should be safe since Rebel is asking her to do so. Then, Anna says that she has a big test tonight she has to get to and Rachel agrees to leave with her. Before they leave, Anna notes that Jason's sister, Janey, works for a special U.S. Army unit that plays dirty, and that REBEL thinks she might hunt for her brother's killer.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel recalls that Anna rode in the passenger seat when she drove to Jason's apartment. Anna then sat silently in her seat as Rachel got out Jason's body from the trunk and dropped him off.

Later, Anna meets up with Rachel in an alley near an abandoned office building that is the target of a Building 26 operation. After Rachel tackles Anna to ground, worried that other agents might see her, Anna points out that she already took out at least the two nearest agents, who appear to be asleep or something. Anna then walks with Rachel to the front of the target building and tells Rachel her story to convince Rachel that what Rachel did to Jason was necessary.

Anna asks Rachel to take them up into the building and grabs her hand. When Rachel corrects what she says, Anna notes that she isn't very familiar with Star Wars. Then, they materialize in a hallway high up in the building. After stumbling about, she comments that teleporting feels like warm static and asks Rachel to say she has an amazing ability. When Rachel refuses, Anna then instructs Rachel to teleport them into the next room, where the fugitives are located. She also tells Rachel that her ability makes her who she is, and that the real Rachel can "teleport through walls to save scared, lonely people".

After materializing inside, Anna and Rachel learn that the fugitives have been living there for a while. They find that the plant nursery has been converted to a kind of jungle, and watch as a gathering of twenty people assemble around them. Rachel and Anna are introduced to the group's leader, Abe, who reaches out a hand towards them. Suddenly, everything becomes black, but the light comes back a moment later. When Anna gets a chance to speak, she tells him that REBEL sent them, and warns that the government is outside.

After the group packs up its possessions per Rachel's instructions and Rachel checks out the back exit, Anna asks Rachel how she knows what is going to happen. After Rachel explains and suggests that they still use the back exit, Anna becomes pale faced and explains her realization that Rachel plans to go after the person with the detonator. She also tells Rachel that it is not really alright with her.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Anna pulls Rachel aside after telling Rachel that planning to go after the detonator is not really alright with her. Anna then says that maybe Rachel was right, that they should just take Abe away and that the others will be released eventually. Next, Rachel notes that agents have seen them, but Anna replies that she has been seen before, and REBEL makes it go away. Rachel then goes off on how Anna is likely thinking that Rachel will let the fugitives get caught, but Anna just responds by throwing her arms around Rachel and telling her to come back to them.

After the three minutes they planned to wait are up, Anna and the other fugitives begin fleeing down the fire escape. They then head towards a truck while ducking gunfire from agents in the building. After Rachel blows up the fire escape, Anna and the other fugitives are able to make it to the truck and help Rachel inside. Later, Anna laughs at Rachel's joke and tells Rachel that a friend in driving the truck, and that she will introduce the person to her when they stop. Then, Anna's cell phone beeps with a message from REBEL. Anna notes who its from, and takes a long time reading it. Anna then temporarily hands Rachel her the phone, and tells her that Ellen is in trouble. Anna continues that they need to introduce a lot of people to Ellen, and notes that REBEL pointed her to a person at a nearby circus that should be their priority. She then reads Rachel's expression and asks if something is wrong.

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Anna proceeds on to the circus without Rachel. Upon arriving at the circus, she reflects on Rebel's last text. He wrote that agents are surrounding the place, that Anna needs to find the man in the black hat, and that the man will know what to do. Anna then reflects on what she never did as a kid. She never had a real, American-style birthday party (although she isn't really sure when her birthday is), been to Disneyland or World, never owned a bike, and never being to a circus, where she is now.

Anna notices she is open-mouthed like a kid, but that the magician's act is the least amazing thing she sees. While recalling having seen a lot of "magic tricks" while growing up, she notes the magician's card-telling trick and thinks to herself that he must be a mind reader, and might already know why she is there. However, she decides that it would be a good idea not to talk with him about it until he has finished his act, so she heads back outside to watch the elephants.

After the magician's act is done, Anna spots the magician, who is also the circus's ringmaster, as he leaves the tent and introduces herself. She tells him she wants to help him, but he replies that they are not hiring and doesn't look back at her as he continues towards a tent in the back of the lot. Undeterred, Anna continues that their friend sent her, and he wants her to tell him that the men in black are here. However, the man still does not acknowledge her so Anna comments that she knows he can read minds. This does not work either, as he explains that his act was just a trick and asks her to go back out front.

When the magician then turns and walks into the back tent, Anna grits her teeth and follows him inside. She finds the place dark and creepy, with many cages spread around the tent. Anna guesses none of the other visitors are left since it's closing time; but as her eyes adjust, she notices things are still happening in the tent. She hears water splash and spots a woman that looks like a fish from the waist down get out of a giant fish tank and begin unzipping something behind her back. Then, the woman sees Anna and calls out to someone named Doug, noting that there is a kid in the tent.

More things begin moving around Anna. She spots a man and a woman stuck together from the shoulder to hip, sharing a shirt and pants pass by her. Another man all tied up in chains, stares at Anna with a crazy grin. Then, she sees what appears to be a rotting body rising out of a coffin and screams. The woman who was stuck to the man's shoulder says it is okay and pats her shoulder. The clothes she was wearing hang off of her; and the man she was attached to now stands behind her in his underwear, with all his own limbs.

As Anna calms down, she explains to the now unstuck woman that she is used to these things being real, and not a costume. Next, Anna takes a deep breath and shouts toward the man in the tall hat. She tells him that they have to go, and that the government is surrounding the circus. A silence then falls over the tent, and the ringmaster steps out towards Anna. Anna explains again that she was sent by their friend and they need leave. She adds that they will be coming for him as soon as all the escapes are cut off. When the ringmaster replies that they will not, Anna asks for a private discussion so she can prove what she is saying to him. However, he responds that he believes her now, but that the government agents are coming for everyone else there, not him.

Anna looks around and witnesses the others use their abilities, then asks for all of them to flee. However, the "thing" Anna screamed at earlier, sits up again now and says they can't do that. Then, it absorbs a chair and transforms itself into a young woman that looks somewhat familiar to Anna. Everyone then looks at Anna.

Some time later, Anna has huddled everyone together in the dark while they wait. She checks her cell phone for the twentieth time, but Rebel has not sent any further instructions. As Anna wonders what is happening, she notices everyone freeze around her as they spot lots of people quietly moving around outside. She worries about having to take out so many agents at once, because that would mean at least some of them will be hurt for real and left in a condition worse than dead. Anna then thinks that she is even more worried that the government will realize who she is for sure and that she will have to spend the rest of her life hiding in dark corners like the one she is currently in. She guesses that Rachel would know what to do now, and asks in whisper where Rachel is.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Anna is thinking she doesn't like elephants anymore. While hiding with the circus staff in an old cellar underneath the circus lot, Anna can hear the agents above search the tent for the millionth time. She guesses the sun has set by now, but that even more agents have arrived. She can hear their trucks rumble past and things breaking.

Anna looks around the dark cellar at the people around her. Linda Niles, the lady from the coffin, sits closest to her, but has not talked much since they entered the place. The closest to Anna after her is the ringmaster, Bobby, who had talked with Anna at first, but fell asleep around midnight. Along the other wall sits the man and woman who pretend to be Siamese twins for their act. Anna notes that they don't talk, that sometimes they move at the same time, and that the man's expression is like a little, sleepy kid. Barbara, the mermaid performer, lies on her side by them with her eyes closed. Anna suspects Barbara is awake since she jumps at every noise. And next to Barbara is the crazy man, who always smiles and whose outfit is continually changing. He is sometimes in a straitjacket, other times a tux, and sometimes jeans. Anna notes to herself that she doesn't know his name and is afraid to ask.

After checking her watch, Anna notes that she still has twenty minutes to go before her next check-in. As per Rebel's instructions, she is holding her cell battery in her hand so that the agents couldn't trace them through her phone. Anna has been putting it back in her phone once an hour for a few seconds while she checks in, and Rebel has continued to tell her to hang on.

Anna then talks with Linda, and learns the identities of LAWR member that are with her, and what "Ellen" is and how it started. She learns that Rebel chose her to be the "delivery girl"--a cute blonde that every frightened fugitive would trust, and meets two people, Valerie and Victor, that form the W in LAWR. When Valerie touches Anna's shoulder, Anna is shifted to Victor on the other side of the room. Anna jumps away from Victor, and learns from Linda that Rachel will not be coming to help them due to a deal that has been made. Anna responds that she is confused, then learns from Linda that Rebel has at least one other team that he is working with to rescue fugitives, and worries that they may be expendable to him.

A short while later, Anna snaps her battery into her phone, and ask where Rachel is. She tells Rebel that she is scared and wants to get out, but confirms to him that she trusts him. Then, Anna hears new voices overhead and pops the battery out of her phone. When Linda asks about their conversation, Anna explains that Rebel said they would be okay. She adds that Rachel will come, and clarifies for Linda that Rebel didn't say that but she knows that Rachel and Rebel will not let them get caught. Anna then notices some changes in Linda, including age-lines that have been deepening in her face, making her appear to be middle-aged.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Anna awakens in her cell and finds herself drugged. Beside her, Janey Pierce is cutting her arm, staring at her like an animal. Janey announces that Rachel has gone to kill Linda and that she has no idea who she really is. Anna, also oblivious to Linda's true identity, asks Janey what she is talking about. Anna learns the truth and passes out. A while later, Anna is woken by an unrecognizable face. She prepares to use her ability but stops when she realizes that the man is Ricardo Silva. She hugs him and the two rush to find Victor.

Outside, Anna and Ricardo find many bodies of agents that appear to have killed each other. Ricardo tells Anna that he did not do it but Anna does not entirely believe him until they reach Victor's room, where even more Agents have been killed. Anna and Ricardo enter the room and Anna gets Victor to transport them to Valerie. The fugitives refuse to tell Anna where Leona is hiding but after hearing a shout from Rachel, Anna runs to try and stop her. Along the way, she comes across Crazy Tom, who is changing his clothes to blend in with the walls. Anna arrives too late to stop Linda from killing herself and stands in shock as Tom announces "It's finished".

In chapter 12 of The Agent, Anna meets with Rachel outside of the Ellen Building after the battle with Janey. Anna tells Rachel that her mother's body is gone. After receiving a message from Rebel, Anna, Tom, Rachel and Valerie go to Leona's location and the members of Ellen watch as Rachel and Leona are reunited.


  • The above iStory character history depicts the most optimal events from the perspective of the iStory player. As per graphic novels Red Eye, Part 1 and Part 2, Red Eye doesn't die and instead gets captured by the Kill Squad along with Anna. For the cases where that occurs and the other possibilities/outcomes for the final chapter, see Operation Splinter/chapter 106 alternatives.

Evolved Human Abilities

Anna has the ability to shut down the upper brain functions of those around her, enabling her to render others unconscious and erase their memories.

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