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Commander Klassen

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Commander Klassen
Rachel's commander.jpg
First appearance The Agent
Debut March 24, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Commander

Commander Klassen briefs Rachel Mills on an operation to capture fugitives in an abandoned office building in New York City.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel's site commander outside a target building in New York City spots her talking with a couple SWAT team agents and calls her over to talk with him. He asks Rachel if Danko spoke with her about this mission, and informs her that Danko has been off the grid. When Rachel says that Danko hadn't told her anything about this mission and asks if there is a problem, the commander denies that there is any problem and assigns Rachel to B squad. He also offers Rachel his sympathies on her partner's death.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Rachel notes to herself that the site commander, Commander Klassen, is one of Danko's most trusted lieutenants, and realizes that he plans to kill the fugitives. Klassen twirls a finger in the air, and the squad leaders begin calling out orders. Shortly after the teams move towards the target building, Commander Klassen brings up the rear on foot with two aides carrying laptops and radios. The commander spots Rachel and asks her why she isn't with B Team, but Rachel just rushes off to her team. When the last status reports come in by radio noting that everyone is in position, the commander radios to proceed in thirty seconds. He has already moved out of Rachel's view. When an agent then radios that a truck is approaching the back of the building, Klassen replies by radio that he will head there.

Commander Klassen is almost already there, and spots the fugitives. He yells loudly, then radios that the targets have already left the building, and he gives instructions to the teams. He orders teams A and C to circle around the sides and team B to move to the top floor and take out anyone still there.

Klassen takes out the detonator box, but doesn't activate it as the fugitives are already close the the ground. The commander spots Rachel arriving and says her name questioningly. Then, they both look towards the mystery truck as it screeches its tires and stops at the end of the fugitive's alley. Commander Klassen radios for team B to move to the windows and block the fugitives from the truck with gunfire until teams A and C arrive.

As smoke rises out of the alley and bullets tear into the truck, Klassen begins running toward the battle. Rachel then teleports in front of the commander, but he cannot stop quick enough and his face winds up in Rachel's fist. He begins falling backwards and the detonator flies out of his hands into the air. After landing on his back, the commander sits up and he asks what she is. Rachel grabs his collar and teleports them both twenty feet in the air above the fire escape. She lets go of him shortly before they are about to hit the ground and activates the detonator for the bomb on the fire escape. The big explosion then occurs that stops the agents from pursuing the fugitives.

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