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Abandoned office building

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Abandoned office building
The Agent ch7 office building.jpg
Location: New York, NY

Rachel Mills is assigned to an operation to capture fugitives held up inside an abandoned office building.

Notable Locations

  • Empty hallway
  • Fire escape
  • Plant nursery

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel Mills receives orders to report immediately to an address in New York City. She arrives to a dark alley near the designated address and encounters a couple agents from the SWAT team. After talking with them, she proceeds to and talks with the site commander. Rachel walks over to the next alley, then looks up and sees the abandoned office building they are targeting. Rachel notes to herself that the roof had once been a plant nursery, and that intercepted communications between the fugitives indicate that there could be a dozen of them hiding up there and that one of them is "losing control" in some manner.

Anna interrupts Rachel's thoughts and says hello to her. Rachel then pulls Anna to the ground to protect her, but Anna points out that the two agents behind them have been taken care of. They appear to be sleeping or something. Anna then takes Rachel's arm and they walk towards the office building and talk. When Anna and Rachel arrive at the front of the target building, Rachel sees that it is empty and dark. Rachel takes Anna's hand and teleports them inside an empty hallway, high up in the building. Then, they teleport again to the next room, a plant nursery at least twenty fugitives have converted into a makeshift shelter. Rachel notes the place as a kind of jungle, as there are so many plants side by side. They see the fugitives growing food, sleeping in side rooms, and carrying water. A group quickly gathers around Rachel and Anna, and they are introduced to the fugitives' leader, Abe. After Abe uses his ability to temporarily make it completely dark, Rachel and Anna offer their warnings and the group packs up to flee. Rachel checks out the back fire escape, finds a bomb has been planted there, then warns the group about it. She also instructs the group to head down the fire escape in three minutes.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Rachel teleports herself back down outside the building and finds herself standing around the corner from the SWAT teams. She hears people talking, loading their guns, and applying their body armor. Rachel walks around the corner and finds the site commander, Commander Klassen. Klassen twirls a finger in the air, and then the squad leaders begin calling out orders. Next, in one large mass, the SWAT teams head towards the target building. Rachel stays put and spots the commander bringing up the rear on foot with two aides carrying laptops and radios. She then rejoins B team, and the SWAT teams make their way to their pre-marked paths, passing over trash and street bums until they reach the target building. Then, Rachel breaks from her team and rushes toward the direction Commander Klassen was heading. An agent radios having spotted a large truck with no markings is spotted approaching from the northwest, accelerating towards the back of the building.

Commander Klassen heads there, and orders instructions to his teams when he sees the fugitives making their way down the fire escape. The commander spots Rachel approach him, but then focuses on the operation when the mystery truck suddenly pulls up close to the fugitive's alley. He radios more orders and agents in the building go to the windows and begin firing at the fugitives down below. Klassen then begins running toward the battle, but Rachel teleports in front of the commander and slams him to the ground with her fist. As he falls onto his back, Rachel grabs the detonator that flies into the air from his hands.

When the commander sits up, Rachel takes hold of his collar teleports them both to twenty feet in the air above the fire escape. As they hang in the air, agents lean off the top platforms and out nearby windows, but their helmets face toward the truck so they don't see Rachel and Commander Klassen materialize above them. As bullets continue flashing off the grimy alley walls, Rachel and the commander begin falling. Rachel spots about a dozen or more of the fugitives' pale faces at the end of the alley appear to be looking back at them, and she notes men, women, and a child among them. As the commander and Rachel fall next to the fire escape, Rachel looks at the bomb detonator in her hand, then at the agents around them. Then, Rachel lets go of Klassen, closes her eyes, and presses the detonator button.

As the fire escape explodes, Rachel teleports herself to be standing next to the truck. The fugitives help Rachel get on board, and then they successfully flee the area.

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