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Janey Pierce

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Janey Pierce
First appearance The Agent
Debut March 17, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Jane Pierce
Occupation U.S. Army Intelligence
Sibling Jason Pierce

Janey Pierce is the sister of Jason Pierce.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 6 of The Agent, a motorcycle rider follows Jason's and Rachel's rental car after the botched Howie Kaplan operation. Jason sees the rider following them and notes to himself that the rider is a woman, dressed in black leather and helmet. When Rachel spots him glancing back at the motorcycle rider, she asks if he noticed her following them and he denies it. Then, Rachel and Jason stop to a restaurant along the highway and the rider follows them inside.

Rachel and Jason are both already seated when the "tall, dark, and pretty woman" enters wearing motorcycle leathers. The woman heads to the counter and takes a seat. Later, when Rachel and Jason begin arguing and Rachel shoves Jason into the table next to them, the woman rider gets off her seat at the counter and approaches them with a military-grade taser at the ready. Jason explains to Rachel that the woman is his sister, Janey, that she isn't of one of them, but is a pro. Rachel asks what Janey knows, and Jason says she knows Rachel is coming with them peacefully. He adds that Rachel can trust her, and there's no other way out of this in front of all these witnesses. Then, everyone except for Rachel, Jason and another girl becomes motionless and begins staring blankly. Janey's taser falls from her hands and onto the floor. After the girl takes credit for what is happening, Jason heads towards his sister and threatens to harm the girl if his sister is not alright. However, before he can act, Rachel shoots him dead. The girl and Rachel then clean up the scene and leave.

The next day, the girl who saved Rachel, Anna, tells Rachel that REBEL informed her that Janey works for a special U.S. Army unit that plays dirty, and that REBEL thinks she might hunt for her brother's killer. Rachel replies that it will be okay.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel reads the daily intel briefing, and she finds the incident that happened in the restaurant on page two. She reads that one woman was still in a coma, and guesses that the woman is Janey. Rachel recalls that Anna told her that the coma wasn't permanent.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Danko shows Rachel Mills a video message Janey's brother left for her. In the message, Jason asks Janey to tell their mom a made-up story as to why he died, and to forward the video on to his superiors. The video also contained information noting his belief that Rachel showed advanced symptoms of a psychological break and could be a threat.

Later, Janey is with a number of agents at the circus that Rebel had sent Anna. She and a bunch of the agents are huddled around a young man they are keeping prisoner. As they question the man and beat him up, Rachel Mills approaches for a closer look. Then, Janey catches the prisoner calling out to and gazing at Rachel, and shoots Rachel with a taser before she can get away.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Janey meets with Danko. She keeps her calm even when Danko informs her that he released Rachel. After receiving information that Ricardo Silva is attempting to break in, Janey leaves the room. On her way to Anna Korolenko, Janey kills every Agent she comes across. She knows that in order to make Anna move fast, she needs to seem crazy. She awakens Anna and begins cutting herself. She informs Anna that Rachel is going to kill Linda, who is actually Leona Mills. Before Janey can knock Anna out, Anna faints. Janey then leaves the room and kills the guards protecting Ricardo. She takes out Ricardo's drug shunt and leaves Building 26.

Later, Janey uses the GPS tracker she implanted in Anna to track her to the Ellen Warehouse.

In chapter 12 of The Agent, Janey shoots Rachel and causes a panic amongst the fugitives. Rachel and her battle it out in another area of the warehouse and while they are both searching for the perfect attack point, a fugitive, Abe, emerges. Rachel tries to protect him from Janey but both soldiers are stopped by a massive wave of water being generated from another fugitive. Janey, furious, attempts to kill the water maker but Abe puts out the light in order to stop her. Janey is then doused in oil secreted by Howie Kaplan. Before Janey can be ignited by Howie, she is saved by Rachel, who teleports her to an unknown location.

On April 6, 2009, new tips were posted on the corthianlasvegas site at One of the tips specified that Jane Pierce had opened her eyes from the coma, was responding to stimulus, and that her full recovery was expected within days.


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