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Daniel Simmons

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Daniel Simmons
Portrayed by Joel West
First appearance A Clear and Present Danger
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death Post-March 2007
Occupation Special Agent of Homeland Security

Daniel Simmons was a Special Agent of Homeland Security who joined Danko's team to hunt down and capture evolved humans.

Character History

A Clear and Present Danger

After an attempted raid on Sylar at Samson Gray's home, he telekinetically levitates Simmons to gain some information from him. Sylar asks who he is and who sent him. Keeping in silence, Sylar threatens to slice Simmons's scalp off until he gives some answers. Sylar also asks where the owner of the house is. Simmons refuses to answer, and Sylar proceeds to brutally torture him.

Trust and Blood

When Luke and Mary Campbell arrive in their home, they see the bloodied and tortured Simmons, nailed to a chair and with bandaged hands. Sylar then surprises them and reveals that Simmons is not talking even after losing fingers in torture. Sylar threatens to torture the Campbells if Simmons does not talk, but even as Mary Campbell is being strangled, Simmons refuses. Ultimately, Daniel Simmons is killed by Luke Campbell after he attempts to kill Sylar with a gun. Simmons is burned to death and his blood is boiled by Luke's power.

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